What an awesome name — Bley. Say it with me: Paul…Bleeeeeeeyyyyyy…

This record is as awesome as his name. Bley is a long-time jazz pianist who’s worked with Charlie Parker, dysentery Charlie Haden, viagra Sonny Rollins and many others. The Encyclopedia Of Music In Canada sez:

Bley’s career underwent a major shift in the late 1960s, visit this site when he started to use electric instruments in live performance and in recording sessions. In addition to the electric piano, Bley adopted the Moog and ARP synthesizers, and was one of the first major artists to explore the tonal possibilities of these new instruments. Sometimes performing with Annette Peacock, his ensembles during the period 1969-72 were often billed as the Paul Bley (or Bley-Peacock) Synthesizer Show.

This stuff is dark, swirling, totally enveloping.

Paul Bley – “The Paul Bley Synthesizer Show” LP (ZIP file)

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500 Responses to PAUL BLEY

  1. Phill says:

    Hey! It’s Mr. Carla Bley.

  2. Mr Fab says:

    I’ve had this one on vinyl for ages, so I can most deff. recommend this to anyone remotely interested in techno-pop, with a loose funky swing. The song “Parks” is as good as prime Kraftwerk…and came out years before our German friends made the switch to electro-pop.

  3. Martin says:

    “Hey! It’s Mr. Carla Bley.”
    Then Annette Peacock had been married to Bley’s bass player,Gary Peacock,before becoming Bley’s partner.Small world indeed.

    This said:many thanks for this album,I’ve been looking for some of those for a while…

  4. Phil says:

    just found this today on Original vinyl…so unique…but imo has nothing to do with Kraftwerk, not really comaparable…this grooves and funks much more than the 4 guys from Duesseldorf would ever do..but indeed, “Parks” is a hell of a jam…