NATION OF ULYSSES – Live, doctor 02.14.92

A 1989 interview proves that voicalist Ian Svenonius, who later went on to front the MakeUp, was always full o’ cryptic sloganeering, even in his youth! A true original — and a total nutjob. Wikipedia sez:

The band was known for their extremely physical performances, during some of which Svenonius recalls breaking his arm, his leg, and breaking his head open on numerous occasions. Audience members were also hurt during performances. Svenonius described Nation of Ulysses performances as “an extraordinary freak-out kind of thing [...] really masochistic, lots of blood [...] cacophonous, and violent, and aggressive.”

While the music of NoU itself doesn’t always turn me on, I have to admire them for the passion with which they did what they did.

Nation of Ulysses – Live, 02.14.92 (ZIP file)

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802 Responses to NATION OF ULYSSES

  1. Kevin says:

    I don’t ever remember any blood, but I remember Ian kissing members of the audience fairly frequently.

  2. chnkltgy says:

    I clearly remember Ian splitting his head open at one show in Pittsburgh ’91. I brought this up to Tim Green recently to which he said he didn’t even remember THE SHOW let alone the head splitting. It’s a pity because it was one of the most life-changing moments of my then youthful show goin’ career.

  3. Geoff says:

    I remember Ian split his pants open during a Seattle show. (yes, he was wearing tighty whities, odd that he’d still make Sassiest boy in America soon after).

  4. rob P says:

    i cant wait to hear this recording. especially after the embassy tapes being such a let down. thanks for posting.