This one’s like Byrne & Eno’s “Life In The Bush Of Ghosts”, look only harsher and less revered! And they both have LP covers that are blown-up video stills. Wonder if it was intentional. Anyways, bronchitis liking “Bush of Ghosts” does not guarantee that you’ll like “Strange Music”, so if that’s your sole criterion, proceed with caution. I liked this record because it felt like Public Image Ltd. gone Kraut –

Moebius & Beerbohm – “Strange Music” (ZIP file)

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695 Responses to MOEBIUS & BEERBOHM

  1. marc says:

    these moebius recs are great, thanks,
    post some solo roedelius if poss (pref. Durch die Wüste)
    thanks for all the great music in general!!

  2. Jude says:

    I wonder why we never heard from Gerd Beerbohm(-baum) before or after these collaborations. I think it might be interesting to see what his body of work may show… anyone with info, please provide! GREAT POST, Bret.

  3. Alain says:

    I’m afraid this shreds. Great post.

  4. Robin Parmar says:

    An obscure lost Cluster project and one I’d been looking for — so thanks! As to the music it’s likely the “worst” of all the Moebius projects, if only because it’s so rough and random. It sounds like they got drunk and went into the studio with a scronking sax line and various tubs of jelly to bang on. The cover is brilliant, though.

  5. Great post, mates. There are rips of Double Cut around on the blogosphere too, if your web-fu is up to it.

    Stefan M— /

  6. bcr says:

    thanx for sharing these hot moebius jamz!

  7. Roger T says:

    Thanx very much! I was just looking for this…