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VARIOUS ARTISTS – minimal synth compilations (part 2 of 7)

Bands featured in this post include: Cybotron, Polyphonic Size, Visgae, John Bender, Zyx, Bene Gesserit, Cortex, Absolute Body Control, Neon, Iko ’83 and more.

Various Artists – “A Tribute To Flexipop, Vol. #6″ (ZIP file)
Various Artists – “A Tribute To Flexipop, Vol. #7″ (ZIP file)
Various Artists – “A Tribute To Flexipop, Vol. #8″ (ZIP file)
Various Artists – “A Tribute To Flexipop, Vol. #9″ (ZIP file)
Various Artists – “A Tribute To Flexipop, Vol. #10″ (ZIP file)

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693 Responses to MINIMAL SYNTH COMPILATIONS (part 2 of 7)

  1. fritzthecat says:

    Blimey. Some very interesting stuff in there!
    FYI, Vol #8 seems to be corrupted
    Thanks for this, I always like discovering forgotten stuff

  2. The Iko ’83 LP is killer. I have a rip of the whole thing if you’re so inclined.

    The John Bender stuff is also rad, but there was a little John Bender renaissance a few months ago and I think all of those albums are available for download.

  3. Brian Hall says:

    Brilliant! Vol. 8 is corrupted, but a minor problem when the sheer volume of music is this great. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Looking forward to future volumes.

  4. Baal of Confusion says:

    Try using an archive tool like IZArc on Voume 8. I was able to retrieve the files with no problem.

  5. teo says:

    nobody is like you!

  6. fritzthecat says:

    Yes you are right, I can unzip volume 8 on the command line.

    On a Mac, open Terminal (Application/Utilities), type “unzip “, with a space, then drag the zip file onto the Terminal window and click return.

  7. Brian Hall says:

    I tried using Terminal on my Mac. The files appeared in the Terminal window, but I don’t see the MP3s anywhere. Where would they go?

  8. fritzthecat says:

    If you just opened Terminal and did nothing else with it, they files should go to your home directory

  9. alexb says:

    Great stuff!!! I also had problems with #8. tried fritzthecat’s advice but to no avail. Still so much to filter through. Thanks.

  10. Brian Hall says:

    thank you fritzthecat. I found them.

  11. JMD says:

    From where did the “city” photo for this post come? I like it.

  12. Jim Donato says:

    Well, I’m running 10.5.5 and tried the Terminal unzip as directed – nothing happened. The corrupted Zip file is still sitting in my downloads folder with nothing in my home folder. Normal unzip procedure says “error 1 – operation not permitted.” Anyone else have some thoughts? I’m looking forward to getting some new obsessions from this lot. I recognize a few of the names from back in the day. I was trying to find “Absence of Canary” since day 1. And missed the vinyl reissue until it was too late! Yes, I’m that old.

  13. Jim Donato says:

    Duh – I guess I needed to hit the return key! Color me embarrassed. Let this be a lesson to all you kids and a warning to all you adults – finish reading all instructions.

  14. des says:

    Fantastic post – many, many thanks.

    I also had problems with track 9 and though I did manage to extract a file using Terminal it is still corrupt and unplayable.

    The relevant reading from terminal is:
    inflating: Tribute To Flexi-Pop #08/09. ende sneafliet – session zeitgeist.mp3 bad CRC 3a2db84b (should be 83b60bf1).

    Thanks again

  15. englishfog says:

    Thanks. It seems to be a problem with tracks “9″. In Vol 7 there is no track 9, and in Vol 8 the track 9 is corrupted!! I will appreciate If you can upload only these tracks in other file. Thanks again.