“LITTLE MURDERS” (1971) – DVD commentary track and film audio track

Without a doubt, order without hyperbole, “Little Murders” is one of the best and funniest films of the 1970s, period.

Originally written for the stage by cartoonist Jules Feiffer, “Little Murders” was transferred to big screen thanks to Elliot Gould. He’d starred in a 1969 staging of the play, and, after the successes of “M.A.S.H.” and “Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice”, was given the opportunity to make pretty much whatever film he wanted.

“Little Murders” is one of the most brutal, spot-on satires of the post-assassination American climate, and is wickedly funny. The emotional impact of the film’s buffoonery colliding head-on with its lead-pipe-to-the-gut message is undeniable, and the film’s monologues will leave you breathless, especially Donald Sutherland’s halfway through the film, on the subject of marriage.

The film works surprisingly well in the “radio play” audio rip format, so I’ve provided that here, along with the commentary track from the film’s out-of-print Fox DVD release, which alternately features Feiffer and Gould. Elliot Gould is quite the character; as his commentary goes on, he starts talking more and more quietly, his drawl inexplicably mutating into a whisper by the end.

“Little Murders” – audio rip (MP3)
“Little Murders” – DVD commentary with Jules Feiffer and Elliot Gould (MP3)

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776 Responses to LITTLE MURDERS

  1. Phill says:

    I saw this on the recommendation of a Cinefile employee (I dunno which one(a girl, I think)) when Michele and I were looking for movies featuring weddings, before we had ours. It’s a good’un!

  2. bloodymary says:

    Thanks so much for posting this!!

  3. fatty jubbo says:

    favorite movie, criminally overlooked! It’s so brilliantly acidic. thanks for these rips…I foolishly didn’t burn the DVD I borrowed a few years back. Of course, I was looking for a monologue by “Carol” for a mix a few weeks ago and wished I had it!