RICK WAKEMAN – “LISZTOMANIA” soundtrack (1975)

Soundtrack collector Nate Thompson sez:

In this amped-up successor to “Tommy”, tadalafil Roger Daltrey stars as the popular composer whose bedroom conquests and long-running feud with Richard Wagner turn into opulent setpieces involving vampirism, a fascist Frankenstein monster stomping around with a machine gun, Ringo Starr as the Pope, and an organ-powered rocketship filled with scantily-clad women. Your average biopic this ain’t. The soundtrack adapts several famous Liszt themes and climaxes with the rousing “Peace at Last,” presented here in both its album and extended movie versions. Russell and Wakeman later reteamed in the mid-’80s for another classically-influenced score, “Crimes of Passion”, which is far more readily available.

“Lisztomania” is easily my favorite film by Ken Russell. It’s unfairly shit upon by many — yes, because the film is wildly self-indulgent and appears to be a mess on the surface — but it’s quite a ride nonetheless. Just the fact that he was able to convince anyone to give him dollar one (or, pound sterling one, I should say) to shoot the project at all is a testament to his unending energy and enthusiasm.

And, say what you will about Rick Wakeman, but his Moog-drenched inerpretations of Liszt and Wagner’s music is pretty damned great here.

Rick Wakeman – “Lisztomania” soundtrack LP (ZIP file)

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  1. Rob says:

    Thanks Bret. Don’t know this one. Will explore soon….. Rather fond of Ken Russell’s Tommy (especially Oliver Reed warbling about Bernie’s Holiday Camp) The Liverpool comic Alexei Sayle used to have this great routine about the mysteries of the universe…. I paraphrase: “forget the pyramids of Giza and the Bermuda Triangle, the greatest mystery of the universe has to be, who the f*** keeps giving Ken Russell money to make films.

    Another mystery of the universe, is why Rick Wakeman thought progrock, ice ballet and a mystical Camelot concept would work :-)