R.I.P. Klaus Dinger (1946-2008) & Thomas Dinger (1952-2002)

La Düsseldorf

Wikipediz sez:

La Düsseldorf was a German band, order consisting of onetime Kraftwerk drummer and Neu! multi-instrumentalist Klaus Dinger and occasional Neu! collaborators Thomas Dinger and Hans Lampe. La Düsseldorf was formed after Neu! disbanded following the release of their Neu! ’75 record. They released a string of successful albums (with sales totaling over a million) during the late ’70s and early ’80s and were considered highly influential by the likes of Brian Eno and David Bowie, with Bowie going so far as calling La Düsseldorf “the soundtrack of the eighties”.

After the dissolution of Neu! in the mid-’70s, its drummer Klaus Dinger set out to take the raw, uncompromising motorik beat, that “thump-thump-thump-thump” neverending 4/4 beat which he pioneered during his early time with Kraftwerk in ’70/’71, and set it to some hugely glorious pop sounds. Moving up to frontman status, Dinger brought along his brother Thomas and some other musician friends, and made a splash in the German charts with three albums: “La Düsseldorf” (1976), “Viva” (1978) and “Individuellos” (1980). The material’s combination of haunting melodic phrases, vocals that veer back and forth between punk and Monty Python, and a dedication to motorik will not fail to make you smile.

Highlights include the songs “Viva”, “Geld”, “Rheinita”, “Ich Liebe Dich”, and the nine-minute “Time”, a masterwork of tension and release.

La Düsseldorf – s/t LP, 1976 (ZIP file)
La Düsseldorf – “Viva” LP, 1978 (ZIP file)
La Düsseldorf – “Individuellos” LP, 1980 (ZIP file)

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  1. Rob says:

    Bret, you star!! Thanks – I’ve been looking for Viva for years. I got their first LP inm a record fair in the late 90s and fell in love with the band, but struggled to find anything else by them… Much appreciated. A great band in the Neu! / Kraftwerk mould.

  2. SteveBaker says:

    It wasn’t until I read the Klaus Dinger obits that I discovered that there was apparently a more recent La Disseldorf record called Mon Amour. I don’t suppose you’ve got that? I don’t know anybody who’s even heard it!

  3. Basil says:

    Hi Bret

    The links aren’t opening up properly with WinZip. Could you please check they’re not corrupted? Thanks for posting these – it’ll be great to hear ‘Time’ again.

  4. bcr says:

    thanx for sharing these bret!

  5. Jude says:

    another great post, of course. dunno why Individuellos never sat well with me, though…


    try that.

  6. ib says:

    Alas. Sad news indeed. If it’s relevant, let me tell you I read about it here first; of course, that just means I’m woefully ill-informed, Bret.

  7. SteveBaker says:

    Many thanks for the extra link!

  8. jbrandt says:

    Man, I saw this post and waited way too long to actually listen to it. “Individuellos” is pretty awesome.

    I have a long drive coming up next week, and I suspect the soundtrack to that drive will be heavily Germanic.

  9. Rui Maia says:

    Hey! Thanks so much for this one!!

  10. i says:

    Danke! Been looking for #3 for a while now. Now I can put on my white overalls and dance around like a maniac.

  11. englishfog says:

    OMG! This stuff is just wonderful! Never heard of them before, now I can’t stop listen them! Sad they gone…Thanks a lot.

  12. Sam says:

    Hi does anyone have a link for “Ich Leibe Dich” from the Mon Amour LP?

    I’ve been looking for months and it’s driving me bonkers!