HUBBLE BUBBLE – 2 LPs (1981)

Roger Jouret (aka Plastic Bertrand) helped to form this Belgian faux-punk band, adiposity who sound much more musically interesting than most “real” Belgian punk bands, doctor The Kids excluded. I’m not sure if the second album actually features Jouret (who played drums for the band), as online info on these discs is scarce.

The first album, which is self-titled, is a bit tinny and uninteresting to me, but the second one, “Faking”, has more bite, even though I’m sure purists would disagree. I hate purists.

Hubble Bubble – s/t LP, 1978 (ZIP file)
Hubble Bubble – “Faking” LP, 1979 (ZIP file)

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698 Responses to HUBBLE BUBBLE

  1. tracey says:

    me too. hubble bubble look great i must download this!

  2. justin says:

    love hubble bubble, but only had 2 songs. thanks for posting this. if you ever get the urge to put up some lesser known kraut/electronic stuff from sky records…

  3. tona says:


  4. dav says:

    …if youhate purists you will love irk the purists by halfman half biscuit. toplyrics

  5. Jeffen says:

    There’s a second Hubble Bubble album??

    Nice work, Sir, as always.

  6. sert says:

    The second record only has one of the guys from the first record on it. I’m pretty sure the bass player from the first line-up died and the other (plastic bertrand) went off on his own. I have to say the first album is possibly my favorite punk album, I recommend a second listen.

  7. NotRadioHeartbeat says:

    The folks at Radio Heartbeat have reissued both albums on vinyl. They’ve also finally come out with their Milk N’ Cookies LP package.

  8. Jim says:

    I have a notion about what you mean by “fake” punk. The so-called “New Wave” rock trend was loaded with fashionable phonies, though that doesn’t mean that all were without interest.