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Badowski — who’s played with Wreckless Eric, pathopsychology Chelsea, valeologist the Doomed and the Good Missionaries — has a deep, pleasant, near-conversational voice that’s almost always on key plus a dry and/or whimsical sense of humor. Except for guitar and violin, Henry plays every note here (even drums and sax), often with simple eloquence, on songs about getting married and swimming with fish in the sea.

Dunno if the above entry has a typo, because “The Doomed” might mean “The Damned”, which other Internet sources claim Badowski’s played with, as well as one of my personal post-punk favorites, Alternative TV. As a backing player, he was most known for his bass guitar work — I hope that means he played bass on the first Wreckless Eric album, ‘cos those tracks have KILLER basslines. Regardless, this album is a lot of fun. Too bad he didn’t do any futher work beyond this disc.

This download also includes the “My Face” 7″ single which accompanied the album.

Henry Badowski – “Life Is A Grand” LP + “My Face” 7″ (ZIP file)

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  1. max murdoc says:

    The Damned actually went by the moniker The Doomed at one point. It might have been for contractual purposes or some key members missing from the line up. Nothing was ever released as The Doomed.

    From Wiki:

    “The band splintered, and a series of brief side projects and solo recordings were released, making little commercial impact. The Damned soon tentatively reformed, blaming James for their decline and split; performing at first as The Dimmed and The Doomed to avoid potential trademark problems”

  2. Rich says:

    If I’m not mistaken, Lemmy of Motorhead played in one of the configurations of The Doomed, just to shave off a degree or two of separation.
    Is that weird, or what?

  3. Jeffen says:

    Damn! Beaten on the nerd punch on that Doomed Business. Oh well, it’s still a great post!

    You’re on my blogroll at:


    P.S. My captcha was Albini!

  4. Jude says:



    it’s practically impossible for me to overstate that.

    Result. total result.

  5. 100GrandBar says:

    I’ve never seen that Damned/Doomed distinction made before with Badowski; the old story was that his stint with The Damned (okay, Doomed) ended in a fistfight. In any case, a great album, and thanks for posting it.

  6. sophie says:

    hey, i love your site


    one of the best songs on this record, Baby Sign Here With Me is corrupted (maybe?). It plays perfectly until 2:14 then abruptly ends. Can you maybe upload just that song?

    thanks so much!

  7. Dave C. says:

    Thanks for this awesome post. I used to love record. I haven’t thought of it in years! (I wonder if it’s still in my sister’s attic with the rest of my wax…hmmm) It was a little glitchy as another listener pointed out (the great “Henry’s in Love” also skips…), but what the ‘eff, nothing’s perfect and it’s the thought that counts. Great trip down memory lane…what’s left of it. Regards.

  8. Just to add to the Damned/Doomed discussion, I think Badowski was the bass player when they first reformed as The Doomed. I distinctly remember him being one of the people listed in the Damned family tree that is included as an insert sleeve with my double Lp copy of The Light at the End of the Tunnel. And yeah, Lemmy played with them, too, though only on their version of “Ballroom Blitz”. It wasn’t on the original version of Machine Gun Etiquette, but is on various reissues.

    In any case, thanks for this record. I’ve never heard and am very curious.

  9. HELP! One of my favorite songs of all time “Baby Sign Here With Me” seems to be corrupt, cutting off at about 3 minutes or so. I hope you can fix it. I’ve been searching for it for ever…. thanks again for this blog. Awesome stuff….

  10. Mug says:

    Intriguing, the same thing is happening with this song on another site.

  11. Roberto says:

    when the Damned split in early 77,the good Captain start a new band,King,with Henry.They recorded a Peel session,a friend of mine has it,and mr.Sensible later invited Badowski to play on his Revolution Now lp.This is one of my fave albums and i think there are many similiarities in the way both Henry and Captain made music.And,sorry,he didn’t play on the fist Wreckless Eric faboulous lp,he was only in the live band.Cheers,what a great blog!

  12. Allan says:

    Is it me or does “Baby sign here with me’ bear an uncanny resemblance to ‘Edward the bear’-B-side to The Damned’s “Grimly Fiendish’/Phantasmagoria LP track?

  13. Definitely my favorite of the well-curated albums on this site. It’s in need for a reissue.

  14. Randy C says:

    New wave Kevin Ayers, yeah?