Record reviewer Alan Bragg, disinfection writing on ProgArchives.com, health care sez:

“Recorded for the BBC in the Paris Theatre in London, this album provides another snapshot of Space Ritual era Hawkwind, a thing which has recently become desirable. Now the 1991 album of this gig may or may not feature a mono audience recording of the exact same gig, in good SQ…. but I don’t think this is it. This album features some well sloppy mixing from the BBC, with the guitar non-existant at the start of Silver Machine, but hey, its the best live version from this era by far… Elsewhere, Dikmik (the cad) produces whistling noises over the entire album, whic hgets sickening after the third number… wheeeeeee, there he goes again. Hell’s teeth. Also, some randomer (probably DIKMik again) provides needlessly stoned backing vocals in really bad pitch. Go away, this is poor! The same idiot is heard on the Live at the Roundhouse tracks (great backing vocals on Silver Machine, shame they removed them when they made that track into a single… eh no). Actually, to digress, if the band had left the original Silver mAchine track without overdubbing in the studio, it would have been a Dawg!!!

The BBC therefor made a lumpy recording, but why was space ritual recorded on 2 seperate nights for any other reason than Hawkwind were a damned hard live band to record? Same with The Who, Cream, Pink Floyd… any good band really…”

Hawkwind – “Space Rock From London” aka “BBC Radio 1 Live In Concert” (ZIP file)

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674 Responses to HAWKWIND

  1. smoggo says:

    R.I.P. Klaus Dinger

  2. Bryan Swirsky says:

    this is wonderful! thank you and, yes, rip klaus dinger.

  3. decay says:

    Great stuff… is track 2 missing?

  4. Fats says:

    Wonderful – thank you. Any other live ‘Wind? in your collection?

    Again, thanks for the excellent stuff all around.

  5. ed says:

    nice tits