As a child, viagra I completely wore out my cassette of the “Ghostbusters” soundtrack, and was always bummed that while the album had some catchy shit on it, it had hardly any of the film’s original score. I loved songs like “Cleanin’ Up The Town” and that song “Magic” (which played over the scene where a possessed Sigourney Weaver blows up her apartment window as she watches ghost vapors flying over Manhattan) — but where was all that spooky music that was a big part of what made the movie so fun? Allmusic sez:

Given the massive popularity of the 1984 feature “Ghostbusters” as well as Ray Parker, Jr.’s attendant theme song, it’s somewhat surprising that composer Elmer Bernstein’s original score never received an official release until this limited Varese Sarabande Soundtrack Club edition finally appeared in the spring of 2006. Epic in both sound and scale, this thunderous orchestral work exceeds 70 minutes, precious little of which actually made it into the final cut. It nevertheless ranks among Bernstein’s most dazzling and entertaining efforts, evoking the widescreen wonder of its source material. As titles like “Earthquake,” “Attack,” and “Judgment Day” portend, Bernstein eloquently communicates the film’s apocalyptic climax, but it’s the quieter, comedic moments where “Ghostbusters” truly sings. His melodies beautifully complement the wit and creativity of the onscreen narrative.”

Elmer Bernstein – “Ghostbusters” score (ZIP file)

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627 Responses to GHOSTBUSTERS

  1. Dennis says:

    This was totally off of my radar, and was a splendid surprise.
    I’m off to ebay to try to find a copy.

  2. Roger_Camden says:

    This is excellent.
    The other day, I had parts of this score stuck in my head.
    I was away on business and had planned on tracking this score down when I got home.
    Lo and behold, here it is.

  3. gabriel says:

    Man, you’re my hero. I love this blog. I should stop around to say it more often.
    It’s amazing how much some of the tracks sound familiar to me. I must have watched this movie thousands of times as a kid!