Saxophonist/clarinetist Gary Bartz came from an amazing ’60s background, traumatologist having worked with Miles Davis, prostate Max Roach, case Charles Mingus and Art Blakey — but his early ’70s work with his band Ntu Troop established him as a funk/jazz genius in his own right.

Between the smooth vocals of Ntu Troop singer Andy Bey, and the overall tightness of the combo, these albums are just fucking great. The opening track on Harlem Bush Music: Taifa, called “Rise”, is worth the download alone.

Gary Bartz and NTU Troop – “Harlem Bush Music: Taifa”, 1970 (ZIP file)
Gary Bartz and NTU Troop – “Juju Street Songs”, 1972 (ZIP file)
Gary Bartz and NTU Troop – “I’ve Known Rivers and Other Bodies”, 1973 (ZIP file)

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895 Responses to GARY BARTZ and NTU TROOP

  1. Jon Leland says:

    This shit’s the bomb. My son is the best. He found me these downloads. Thank you so much for making these out of print downloads available! Gary Bartz lives!

  2. clefnote says:

    Love your blog, but a heads-up: all three of these are in print.

  3. Alain says:

    In print or not, I would never have heard this music were it not posted here, and now I’m a fan. And my god it shreds from what I’ve heard of it so far.

  4. bcr says:

    the perfect prescription. thanx for sharing these bret!

  5. fritzthecat says:

    Brilliant. thanks

  6. gaxfax says:

    what is “skronk”, please.

    luv ur blog

  7. chris_c says:

    thx also! can’t wait to delve into these. “skronk” is the torturing of musical instruments (usually the sax) in the style found initially on Fire Music/Free Jazz from the ’60s – a musical expression of anger/disgust/passion or even extreme elation. A jazz buff will probably kick my pods off for this def/explanation, but it is what i think it is!

  8. CT says:

    Many thanks.