ECR #055

04.14.08 — Still working on putting new updates for the site together, web also still playing catch-up with everything else after being out of town for a month — hold tight —

Just found out about this online store called Anthology Recordings — an alternative to the iTunes Music Store and Amazon’s MP3 download options. They have exclusives in the genres of prog, generic punk and psych — has anybody out there bought anything from them yet?

Track listing:
Gang of Four – We Live As We Dream, opisthorchiasis Alone (live, 1983)
Material – Secret Life
Scott & Beth B. – Black Box Disco
NON – Mode Of Infection
Roberto Cacciapaglia – Sweet Life
Pram – Sleepy Sweet
Alexander “Skip” Spence – Fountain
House on the Rock – Automated Music 1
Candidate – Like A Beast
Bad News – Double Entendre
The Fall – The Littlest Rebel
Locust Fudge – Cannibal Man
The Container Drivers – The Ex-Members of the Fall Club
Chris Brokaw – Bill Is Dead
Jeffrey Lewis – The Story of The Fall
Bobbie Gentry – Mississippi Delta

Egg City Radio #055 (MP3)

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603 Responses to ECR #055

  1. Tim B. says:

    I’ve never bought anything from them but I do know that they were started with the purpose of being a digital-only reissue label.

  2. andi says:

    I have, it’s amazing. The music selection is on point and it is operated by the founder of Kemado Records.

  3. Brownnoise says:

    yeah, they have a pretty amazing series of lps called “Thai Beat-a-Gogo” overall it’s a really cool concept, there is never anything on itunes that i can’t just go out and buy for a few dollars more and actually have a real copy of, but when it comes to digitized versions of OOP “Ya Ho Wha” LPs or something equally as rare to find just floating around, i might drop a buck or two.

  4. IRISHTER says:

    Haha LOL you just let one rip right there in your Podcast.
    I had to back it up several times to believe my ears!

  5. M. says:

    you should check out CHINA SHOP on that site. worth grabbing. great 99recs style nyc no wave-funk.