ECR #054

The Gold Standard Laboratories (GSL) record label was my gateway drug into the fertile music underground of the late ’90s and early ’00s. After growing into a huge fan of the label, healing I eventually became friends with its owner and operator, medicine my personal hero, nurse Sonny Kay. This friendship also grew into a professional relationship as well, when my own band Anavan put out our first album through GSL.

I was recently very saddened to hear that after 13 years, GSL had to close its doors in October ’07. May the memory of all of Sonny’s work putting out bands he loved not fade away –

Track listing:
I Am Spoonbender – Reality Dealer
Gogogo Airheart – Sincerely P.S.
The Locust – Turning Your Merchandise Into A Ripped Wall Of Mini-Abs
Heart Of Snow – Red
400 Blows – The Beauty of Internal Darkness
The Rapture – Dumb Waiters
Le Shok – I Know You’re Ready
Lost Kids – Alive In The Snow
Dmonstrations – Polyp
The Starvations – Red Wine
Kill Me Tomorrow – I Require Chocolate
Subpoena The Past – Sphere Of Influence
The Vanishing – Cuckoo Spit
Die Princess Die – Lights of the Night
Vaz – They’ve Won
Dead and Gone – Shiny and Black
!!! – Instinct
The Convocation Of… – Beyond The Beyond

Egg City Radio #054: R.I.P. GSL (MP3)

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666 Responses to ECR #054

  1. Phill says:

    I can’t recall if I already heard this news, but that’s a bummer. Wasn’t someone making a documentary about GSL?

  2. FrF says:

    Ah, I see that Bret’s penchant for picture material which may be not to everyone’s taste is also a staple of his band! (The pictures are often my least favorite part of Egg City Radio.)

  3. crojack says:

    Great mix and a great label!!!
    When the rest of the MTV world was “just finding out about punk” these guys were actually doing it. or post-post-punk or whatever. hopefully it never gets a label applied to it.