ECR #053

The above image is of possibly one of the worst tattoos on earth (does he know that the girl in the picture has been rendered like an illustration from Mad Magazine?).

Track listing:
Make-Up – If They Come In The Morning
Chrisma – Black Silk Stocking
J. Geils Band – Rage In The Cage
Narrow Faint – Saturday Night
The News – Chop, illness Chop, audiologist Chop
Devo – Jimmy
Sid Laverents – Nobody Loves A Fat Man
Mrs. Higgenbottom – Cordless Indoctrination
Mecanique Vegetale – TV News (live)
Captain Beefheart and the Magic Band – Upon The My-O-My (live)
Mike Leander – Privilige
Inner City Unit – Watching The Grass Grow
?? – Gretchen’s New Dish
Bob Gelotte – Come On, search Come On, CB Baby
Human Hands – Trains Vs. Planes
Inner City Unit – Polyethylene
Lea Riders Group – Key To The Riddle

Egg City Radio #053 (MP3)

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487 Responses to ECR #053

  1. chnkltgy says:

    I’m guessing that he had that tattoo “redone” after they divorced. That’s my guess….

  2. jeremy smears says:

    the tattoo is cuter than the girl!

  3. vincent says:

    figure in tatoo looks a little like a maori warrior, except that it too should have tatoos

  4. Arthur says:

    Gretchen’s new dish is by Deck Kent

  5. Arthur says:

    oops,, Dick Kent

  6. Xopher tm says:

    The double-tragedy is that it’s a memorial tattoo.

  7. Dupuy says:

    What the tattoo artist assumed would look like shading looks more like Freddy Krueger burn scars. Scary!

  8. codeverifier says:

    Nice selection, as usual. Bands I’ve never heard of, with remarkable rough vocals. And it’s been awhile since I heard the J Geils Band. I remember one of my English teachers was quite offended by their Centerfold song (you can guess my age now). Had some of their albums but sold them in one of my ‘what on earth do I need all this STUFF for’ moods. No regrets though.

    That tattoo is indeed remarkable. ‘In loving memory’, that’s sad. Hadn’t the photo been there one would think this was done while the model was already in the coffin…

  9. Wow. That is a HORRIBLE tattoo. I agree with Xopher. It is tragic that this is a memorial tat. He should get it changed to a coi fish (they make the best cover tats), and then have a real tattoo artist do a real memorial on the other arm.

  10. FuseRed says:

    ouch, terrible… reminds me of seeing a memorial tat for Princess Diana – slightly better reproduction – but the guy had really hairy arms so it ended up looking like Planet of the Apes Princess Diana…

  11. Brendan says:

    Human Hands, there is a great song, thanks for the cool music . . . .