ECR #051

Once again, viagra approved jus’ letting you know my band is on tour right now, information pills and I’m outta town until April 6th, so posts might be slow in coming like this one — but I’m trying!

My office day job is located in L.A.’s Koreatown, and down the street from the office are two different Korean supermarkets that both stock this. Who dares me to buy a can, eat it and put a video of it up on YouTube?

Track listing:
Fear – Fuel Injected Papa
Floh De Cologne – Marsch Der Mumien 1
Afflicted Man – Hippy Punk
Charlton Heston – Minin’
Arthur Lee – Find Somebody
Chris Montez – The More I See You
Lobo – She Didn’t Do Magic
Anarchic System – Popcorn (vocal)
Nash the Slash – Wolf
Seksu Roba – Piss Your Pants
Lobo – A Big Red Kite
OMD + ??? – Enola Gay In 60 Seconds
Elvis Costello and the Attractions – Greenshirt (demo)
Phil Ochs – In The Heat Of The Summer
Forum Quorum – Monologue
Jerry Jaye – My Girl Josephine
Mott The Hoople – The Journey

Egg City Radio #051 (MP3)

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704 Responses to ECR #051

  1. john mark says:

    if you buy it and tape it, you should eat the whole thing. make sure you turn on the tape before you open it and when you take your first whiff. remember when you captured lightning bugs as a kid and then fell asleep and woke up with a jar of 50 suffocated lightning bugs? and the smell? yeah, like that dead bug smell except x 10000000000000. awesome.

  2. haha ewwww!

    that’s nasty! i triple dog dare ya!

    great compilation, my friend!

  3. Anthony Hansen says:

    More Nash The Slash! More Nash The Slash! More Nash The Slash!

  4. Eric says:

    I live in Korea and have eaten them. They’re a popular street food. They smell awful but don’t really taste like much of anything.

  5. Baal of Confusion says:

    because of that Nash the Slash selection, I bought both a Nash the Slash CD, and an FM CD. Thanks for bringing both artists to my attention.

  6. Scott Santos says:

    That OMD track was from WFMU’s Beware the Blog: