ECR #050: spotlight on Judas Priest

I’m going out of town on tour with my band for almost the next 4 weeks, salve and I don’t know how often I’ll have Internet access on the road — so this next month of posts may not exactly come at regular intervals — but I’m still on the ball, doctor don’t worry —

Judas Priest is a band that casual rock fans think they know just from a few songs they can hear on classic rock radio, ambulance but JP, beyond the greatest-hits treatment, has a long list of endearing songs that make their discography truly worthwhile. Oh, fuck it, why am I even bothering with trying to explain why you should listen to them?! You should already know they’ll melt your face off, and even if you already did, then make sure you listen to on repeat “Dissident Aggressor” forty times on repeat, for it’s surely the greatest metal song in the history of everything conceivable.

Track listing:
One For The Road (“Rocka Rolla”, 1974)
The Ripper (“Sad Wings Of Destiny”, 1976)
Dissident Aggressor (“Sin After Sin”, 1977)
Starbreaker (“Sin After Sin”, 1977)
Saints In Hell (“Stained Class”, 1978)
Beyond The Realms Of Death (“Stained Class”, 1978)
Evil Fantasies (“Killing Machine”, 1978)
Take On The World (“Killing Machine”, 1978)
Grinder (“British Steel”, 1980)
You Say Yes (“Point Of Entry”, (1981)
Parental Guidance (“Turbo”, 1986)
Rock You All Around The World (“Turbo”,1986)
Love Zone (“Ram It Down”, 1988)
Painkiller (“Painkiller”, 1990)

Egg City Radio #050: spotlight on Judas Priest (MP3)

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655 Responses to ECR #050: spotlight on Judas Priest

  1. smoggo says:

    yay! return of the ECR spotlight….hope this reaches the peaks of the GOBLIN and PETER HAMMILL ones

  2. kevin bannister says:

    yeah, the Goblin podcast was excellent! so hard to find Goblin music…

  3. Valentine Michael Smith says:

    mmm, that really hit the spot. Evil Fantasies was particularly satisfying. Thanks!

  4. -D says:

    back to say thanks for turning me on to their music

  5. Jim says:

    Cool blog you have here!
    Come visit some time