The missing link between Black Sabbath and Big Star, viagra 40mg Dust were a hard rock trio from the early ’70s whose prog instincts were tempered with occasional twangy ballads and pretty boy lyrics (although I can’t confirm if they were, purchase in fact, attractive. My guess is not.)

The factoid that usually pops up regarding this band is that their drummer, Mark Bell, later went on to become Marky Ramone, but make no mistake: the two Dust albums are nothing like the Ramones.

The first self-titled album is a mostly uninspired affair, but the second album ramps it up many, many notches, delivering an unusual, brightly colored take (lots of swirling riffs and fills) on the hard prog sound that made Uriah Heep and Sir Lord Baltimore so wonderfully fukkin’ awesome. Highly recommended. I’m throwing in the first album as a download as well, if you’re curious, but I strongly urge you to not listen to it first.

Dust – “Hard Attack” LP (ZIP file)
Dust – s/t LP (ZIP file)

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139 Responses to DUST

  1. joel says:

    thanks. i own the s/t, but havent heard hard attack. “suicide” is a kick ass track.

  2. filmgoerjuan says:

    Thanks for posting this. Love the cover, love the album — a real hidden gem!

  3. Matt says:

    Dust rocks! Plus they’re the first recordings to capture the drumming of Marky Ramone..

  4. Jim says:

    And of course, Mark Bell (later Marky Ramone, of the well-known Ramones) is the drummer here. And it’s a Frazetta painting, which makes it even cooler.

  5. djc says:

    I just found this place and was pretty bloody excited to see this…thanks….and you’re linked…..get at me.

  6. doubt i’ve ever seen a more badass cover than that. glorious.

  7. ken vail says:

    no one remarked that songs were written by 2 guys that worked on the first KISS lp…..look it up and see…….