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Dog Faced Hermans were a Scottish band that rode the line of polyrhythmic post-punk bands such as The Ex (whom their guitar player later joined after DFH broke up), but were also influenced in equal measure by cats like Ornette Coleman. “Hum of Life”, one of their final efforts, marks the turning point between post-punk slashy guitar style, and a more global influence (African rhythms and jazz trumpet lines).

Dog Faced Hermans – “Hum of Life” LP (ZIP file)

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  1. Emerson says:

    I’ve saved 18 songs from their catalog so I guess I like them well enough. For me when they write songs with more standard structures they’re an amazingly talented band. Scarily so. “Wings” is my favorite, so it should be yours too! (just kidding — no I’m not)

  2. glitterbust says:

    thank you thank you thank you! it is well nigh impossible to find copies of ANY d.f.h. records!

  3. Scott says:

    Oh man, thanks for posting this. I love this band, I only have their live album and never knew this one existed.

  4. joshd says:

    Emerson: “Wings” is my favorite, too. It was on a random sampler CD I got when I was 15, and I’ve loved Dog Faced Hermans since. One of these days I’m gonna figure out how to tune my lap steel the right way to cover that song.

    I love this blog.

  5. Emerson says:


    That was probably the 2 cd set “Let’s Make The Weiner Kid Sing His Song!” That also has the great Tesco Vee cover of “Losing My Religion”.

  6. phut says:

    thx man, i have only Mental Blocks For All Ages on lp

  7. Diana says:

    Thanks for posting this! Love them. Saw them live a few times and they were incredable.

  8. Andy Moor says:

    thanks for all the great comments about this record….were about to rerelease it as an LP on Mississipi ll take a bit of time but shold be out by the spring ….cheers andy

  9. Dead Bob says:

    Really awesome you posted this! Great band. Their drummer, Wilf Plum, has a new project with Andy Kerr (ex NoMeansNo guitarist/singer) called Two Pin Din. Just the two of them playing guitar.