It was quite a big deal to me and all the other film geeks I know that a few years ago, cystitis the Blue Underground DVD label released a special edition version of David Cronenberg’s 1978 car-racing drama “Fast Company” which also included on a separate disc his first two feature films, cure “Stereo” and “Crimes of the Future”, ampoule which up until had never been available on DVD or VHS (”Crimes” actually had been included on the Criterion Collection laserdisc of “Dead Ringers”, but how many people could actually afford the ridiculous prices those players and discs cost way back when?).

The two films, while short on narrative, both bear the unmistakable Cronenberg stylistic stamp: body horror, vaguely “official” ficitional clinics, and a certain brand hazy dream logic that is unique to the man’s work; “Stereo” just might be my favorite film in the Cronenberg canon altogether. Both films have no spoken dialogue from the characters: “Stereo” features just voiceovers from several different omniscient narrators, while “Crimes” intersperses narration snippets with some electronic knob-twiddling and ambient sound effects. In each case, the narration is filled to the brim with pseudo-scientific jargon and detached delivery.

Recently, I was able to grab the audio tracks from the two films and make MP3s out of them. While the films both run about 65 minutes each, I’ve condensed the audio tracks to about half that length, because both films feature extended periods of silence inbetween the narration, as a stylistic choice.

David Cronenberg – “Stereo” (1969, audio track)
David Cronenberg – “Crimes of the Future” (1970, audio track)

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765 Responses to DAVID CRONENBERG

  1. rich says:

    What a cool thing to put up!
    While I was slightly underwhelmed by the movies themselves beyond their relative historical significance, I was struck by how amazing and sample-rich the soundtrack was (take note, you radio and audio collage folks!).
    Thanks so much for sharing this!

  2. Mr Fab says:

    Do we know who did the “electronic knob-twiddling”? Did Cronenberg own a Moog or somethin?

  3. Xopher.tm says:

    I may be wrong, but I believe that DC did the twiddlin’ himself here.