CRUNT – s/t (1993)

For some reason, and I had it in my head that “supergroups” had to be sprawling affairs, pharm with a whole stage fulla members, viagra sale like the Traveling Wilburys or (gasp!) The Power Station, but apparently, any combination will do. Take, for instance, Crunt, a very short-lived project that featured Kat Bejlland from Babes In Toyland on bass, her then-husband Stuart Grey from Lubricated Goat on guitar, and Russell Simins from Jon Spencer Blues Explosion on drums.

This is one of those records that’s completely fallen through the cracks of time, as far as the “college radio” rock lineage is concerned. It’s not overwhelmingly awesome, just solid and fun. The album’s production is a bit on the treble-heavy side, but (sigh) that was the prevailing style at the time.

Also, it’s one of four Simins side-projects (the others being Butter 08, Heavy Trash and his solo stuff) and which occasionally top the fun factor of JSBX, if only because JSBX’s material gets so samey after awhile.

Crunt – s/t LP (ZIP file)

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819 Responses to CRUNT

  1. Kevin Coed says:

    Amazing coincidence! I was only thinking yesterday that I could do with ripping my Crunt vinyl to cd so I could play it in the car! Thanks for saving me the trouble!

  2. Jim says:

    Supergroup? I thought that marketing phrase died out in 1970.