BUTTER 08 – s/t (1996)

In high school, neuropathist my head was buried in piles of Rush, prescription Yes and the Ramones, pilule but thanks to a friend who was way into the Beastie Boys, I also managed to hear about more mainstreamy indie rock fare through Grand Royal Magazine, the short-lived greatest magazine on Earth. The mag was an extension of the Beasties’ own Grand Royal record label, which was home to Butter 08, a supergroup consisting of a few folks from Cibo Matto, the drummer from Jon Spencer Blues Explosion (Russell Simins,) and the guy who’s now a film director and made that really boring coming-of-age movie “Thumbsucker” (Mike Mills, not from R.E.M. but the other guy.) An almost 10-years-out-of-date Butter 08 fan site, run by someone whose first language is not English, sez:

“Mills claims the name is an homage to Marlon Brando’s famous scene in Last Tango in Paris–is the love child that was conceived after a few lethal frozen margaritas at Ludlow Street’s El Sombrero. It was from there that the group stumbled into a nearby recording studio, where Cibo Matto was working on their single, “Know Your Chicken,” with Simins and Lee. Mills, who happened to be dropping off the album’s artwork, picked up a bass and joined in the melee. Somehow a DAT machine got turned on, and true to the saying, some of the best things are discovered by accident. The band consists of Yuka Honda and Miho Hatori of CiboMatto, Russell Simins of The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, Rick Lee of Skeleton Key, and Mike Mills. All members are from NYC, mainly the village.”

This album, the only effort by the group, manages to be a more cohesive effort than a lot of the JSBX stuff, not to mention more fun and catchy than the Cibo Matto stuff, which usually borders on the retarded for me.

Butter 08 – s/t (ZIP file)

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  1. ellie mae says:

    holy fucking shit i am so happy i found you!!!!!!! i am eternally indebted to you for some of the gems you have supplied me with, spizz, for example. i was a pretty consistent ppj follower when i used to shoot speedballs on a nightly basis a couple years ago and you really lightend up my life and made seclusion a beautiful discoverey process for me. then i found that live webcam show thing and i was going to send you some sort of email to see where you disappeared to and to drop my band name so i tried eggcityradio and here we are.

  2. newave says:

    Wow someone else likes butter 08….I just happened to be into both Cibo Matto and JSBX at that time and somehow randomly came across the album without knowledge members from both bands were in it. One of those weird band discovery coincidences…

    Heres teh video for butter of 69 – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ej1nDjmDDIQ

  3. I saw Butter 08 perform, well before the album came out, and it was fantastic. Watching Dagobrah performed whilst Miho kicked at whoever the hell was wearing a Yoda mask and screaming the vocals is an image that will stay with me for life… I beg to differ on the opinion of Cibo Matto’s music — it’s just plain great — as is this album.