The Au Pairs were contemporaries of Gang Of Four, surgeon and covered a lot of the same political post-punk ground. Most of their songs were both fierce commentaries on social ills and were tightly-wound blasts of sharp funk textures, but they set themselves apart by having a female frontwoman, Lesley Woods, who delivered witty, inflammatory vocals.

The band only lasted a few years, but put out two great albums (“Playing With A Different Sex” and “Sense and Sensuality”) and this, a live album recorded at the 1981 Berlin Women’s Festival. The highlight of the disc is a smokin’ version of “We’re So Cool”. Check it out first, if you’ve never heard the band and want a small taste.

NOTE: The ID3 tags for this album say, I think, that the set is from 1988. Make sure to correct this in your MP3 player software.

Au Pairs – Live In Berlin 1981 (ZIP file)

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607 Responses to AU PAIRS

  1. andrew says:

    awesome! thanks man, the au pairs represent the funky side of post-punk well. great stuff.

  2. Dav says:

    Cheers for this..saw them in early 80s in Liverpool with john cooper clarke supporting. takes me back.

  3. i really like their song “Repetition”!

    thanks for the post!

  4. Pol Dodu says:

    “Repetition” is a great song, but I must make sure you are aware it is actually a cover of a David Bowie song originally on “Lodger”…

  5. Zealamb says:

    Actually it’s exactly the other way ’round!

  6. Zealamb says:

    Ops, no, you ‘re right :-)