Simply put, approved Asha Bhosle is the queen goddess of Bollywood film music. It’s common practice in Indian films for the stars of the film to have “playback singers” actually sing the songs for them, which the stars then lip-synch to in the movies. Bhosle is one of the most widely-known and respected playback singers, having sung for literally almost 1,000 films. Check out her insanely varied and illustrious career highlights at her Wikipedia entry here.

Also, check out my previous Bollywood post (the compilation “Doob Doob O’ Rama”) here.

Asha Bhosle – “The Best of Asha Bhosle” CD (ZIP file)

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247 Responses to ASHA BHOSLE

  1. Baal of Confusion says:

    I very much enjoy posts like this that are so far outside my usual listening patterns. My Indian co-worker was particularly happy when I shared these mp3s with her. Thanks for your great blog.

  2. Pin Filthtone says:

    Like Baal said, this is not something I’d usually get to hear and all the more welcome.

    The CD with Kronos Quartet ‘You’ve Broken My Heart’ is worth hearing too. She was over 70 when she recorded it but she sounds about 30. Huge, amazing voice.