Some anonymous comment poster on some other blog sez:

“In 1973 Amon Düül split up over a quarrel that included threats with revolvers and knives. One half set off to record ‘Wolf City’, dosage the other half formed Utopia with a few other musicians. During the recording sessions of ‘Wolf City’ and ‘Utopia’ though the members of Amon Düül 2 made peace again, which ended with the whole Amon Düül 2 gang playing on BOTH records. The Utopia album was re-issued under the name Amon Düül 2 for commercial reasons in the 80s.

I have no idea whether or not the above story is true, but it seems to be the prevailing myth, so whatever. Also, supposedly it features a few guest appearances by members of Passport and Embryo. The song “Deutsch Nepal” appears on both “Wolf City” and “Utopia” in slightly different versions, but I prefer the “Utopia” version much more.

I was a little surprised to find out that this is the only ADII album which now remains out-of-print, while the others are enjoying a healthy little renaissance.

Amon Duul II – “Utopia” (ZIP file)

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328 Responses to AMON DUUL II

  1. max murdoc says:

    Wow…..didn’t expect this one to be so cool. Thanks alot.

  2. Rob says:

    Great, thanks for another gem. Amon Duul II are never off my I-pod at the moment. The reissue of Made In Germany sounds particularly good. Full of great catchy Kraut tunes and weird electronica… Also up there with my favourite album covers. Cheers again.

  3. Roger_Camden says:

    I can’t seem to get into Amon Duul I or II.
    I keep trying, though. I feel as if I’m missing out on something amazing.
    Hopefully, this is the record that breaks them for me.

  4. Empire Hancock says:

    Downloaded this some time ago, just listening to it now. Man, what the hell is with “Surrounded By the Stars”? It sounds like it was recorded in the 90s, with all this metal-ish guitar and electronic percussion and lots of reverb. Total WTF.