Yikes, medicine it’s been an entire week, information pills since the last post. My two jobs and band duties are kicking my ass more fiercely than I had imagined they would after I got back from my month-long tour. Next week will bring a bounty of new stuff, though, I swear to Allah.


I simply can’t get enough of Italian prog. Yes, it sounds overwhelmingly dorky, but there you have it.

The Italians seemed to all have two things in common that make Italian prog sound so distinctly Italian: a love of Emerson, Lake & Palmer, and something else. I know that’s vague, but that “something else” is so distinctly Italian that I can’t possibly describe it without sounding like a fool.

And apparently they can’t either; I recently interviewed Fabio Pignatelli, bassist for Goblin, for a piece that was recently published in Mean Magazine — and I asked him “Why do Italian prog bands sound so distinctly Italian?” To which he replied, in extremely broken English over email: “Because — we are Italian! I dunno!”

Alphataurus are a fine example of this nationalistic rock tradition that just makes me all warm inside. According to

“According to one of our sources Alphataurus came from Genova, though we tend to think they were from Milan, but in any case they were one of the many unknown italian bands who suddenly had a recording deal, made an album and disappeared into oblivion. 

Their only album, ‘Alphataurus’, the first on the newly born Magma label, is a masterpiece, so well crafted and played that it seems impossible that’s been made by a group of unknowns. The singer Bavaro has a very original voice, keyboard player Pietro Pellegrini plays with competence and no self-indulgence, guitar-playing of Guido Wasserman is well cared and the rhythm section of Oliva and Santandrea creates a powerful background.

Soon after this the band split while recording a second album. This has been reissued on CD as ‘Dietro l’uragano’ but only includes the instrumental parts and no vocals.”

Alphataurus – “Dietro L’Uragano” (ZIP file)

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  1. Rob says:

    This is great. Thanks. It’s nice to here something other than PFM. Ta again.

  2. Rob says:

    ‘here’ something…….. Hear! D’oh.

  3. Tylosand Ektorp says:

    This is their second album, an unintentional instrumental one as the band broke up before the vocals were laid down. The first eponymous album is better but this one is really worth a listen too. Thanks for uploading this as I’ve been looking for it for a while! What makes Italian prog so different? Maybe the lyrical melodies? i dunno either.