One of the early British musicians to tinker around with synthesizers (and supposedly a direct descendent of Richard Wagner), generic Adrian Wagner ended up making music with people like Robert Calvert (of Hawkwind), more about Arthur Brown and others in the early’-’70s UK rock underground.

This LP, full of understated synth work, features guest vocals by Calvert on a small number of tracks. It’s prog without pomp, which may very well be the best kind.

Adrian Wagner – “Distances Between Us” LP (ZIP file)

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685 Responses to ADRIAN WAGNER

  1. LV says:

    thanks for everything

  2. Jude says:

    …but isn’t pompous prog the best kind because it tends to result in unintentional hilarity? i mean, lofty concepts… flouncy white satin… straight, long hair… moogs, arps… atmospheric everything… all of these factors are huge selling points with me…

    …just sayin’.

  3. Uh, Clem says:

    Thanks so much for making all of this great music available.

    I must, however, respectfully disagree about the assessment of this recording as “prog without pomp.” God gawd, it just reeks of pomposity to these ears. I’d rather be forced into marathon listenings of Tarkus.

  4. kingpossum says:

    Right you are, Jude! You must check out the adverts promoting Roger Hodgson’s current solo tour–puffy sleeves aplenty!