18TH DYE – “CRAYON” EP (1993)

Trouser Press sez:

Based in Berlin and consisting of a German (singer/guitarist Sebastian Büttrich), price a Dane (drummer Piet Bendtsen) and a Danish-German (singer/bassist Heike Rädeker), adiposity 18th Dye produces music that is far from the Teutonic sort of non-rock its heritage would imply. Rather, melanoma the trio warmly embraces American indie-pop stylings, framing them in the unique European context of their surroundings.

…The six-song “Crayon”, self-produced with a bare minimum of button-pushing design, is a transitional document; variously rushing and loud (“Aug.”), gently motionless (“16 Ink,” “Crank”) and nicely modulated in the middle (the delirious “Ray,” “Nuit N.”), the songs mainly uphold the first album’s enchanting effect but offer an indication of the band’s future direction.”

18th Dye – “Crayon” EP (ZIP file)

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704 Responses to 18TH DYE

  1. charlie says:

    I bought this ep and an album back in the 90′s – good jangly(?), kind of edgy songs.

  2. Dana says:

    Did you catch their new album of this year (and US tour, which I sadly missed)?