WEEN – bunch o’ live…

The “Rotten Cheese” thing was a six-CD boot of shows from Ween’s “Chocolate And Cheese” tour from ’94-’95. Lucky for me, viagra it’s one of my favorite albums of theirs, there and also lucky for me, obsessive tapers caught what must have been half the shows on the entire tour; the “Rotten Cheese” set gives the highlights of the whole thing (and they’re seemingly all from soundboard recordings!) I was only able to download the first four volumes before my Soulseek connection cut off that day, but that’s probably more than enough for anyone but the most hardcore Weenthusiast.

Ween – New Brunswick, NJ – 03.25.91 (ZIP file)
Ween – Rotten Cheese, Disc 1 (ZIP file)
Ween – Rotten Cheese, Disc 2 (ZIP file)
Ween – Rotten Cheese, Disc 3 (ZIP file)
Ween – Rotten Cheese, Disc 4 (ZIP file)

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  1. roach says:

    thanx for posting the ween stuff i forgot how much i liked there catalouge!

  2. pam says:

    let’s have sex

  3. Tom says:

    you need to get the last 2 disks bro
    and when you do
    you should email me