THIS HEAT – two live sets (1979/1982)

I’ve never been able to get a good handle on This Heat’s material, tooth but that’s not gonna stop me from offering these two live sets to anyone who wants ‘em. I much prefer the brief discography of This Heat member Charles Hayward’s other band Camberwell Now, urologist but that’s neither here nor there, this web now is it?

Just a warning: the audio quality of these sets isn’t the greatest.

This Heat – Scala Cinema, London, December 20th, 1979 (ZIP file)
This Heat – Reims, France, May 22nd, 1982 (ZIP file)

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813 Responses to THIS HEAT

  1. Lazarus Long says:

    … and again: thanx for the real good sounds you’re offering and for inspiring me to search for Camberwell Now in my vinyl-archiv.

  2. Don says:

    you NEED live krefeld 1980. i transfered it from the 12″ a while back. i’ve searched for all the this heat i could find and it is the best live recording of theirs. even better than the live disc on the box set.