“THE PRICE IS RIGHT” early ’70s music library

My grandmother retired from Hughes Aircraft in the mid ’80s, case and from then until now in her retirement years, story she watches “The Price Is Right” every weekday. After all these decades of viewing, check she is convinced that “the show is fixed.” Grandma Betty sez:

Note how Bob Barker never revealed what the ‘actual retail price’ was on those cards he was holding, in order to pull up from ‘Contestant’s Row’ whomever he wanted to play the games. Like Plinko!”

I have to admit that there’s a vague truth to this: in the Bob Barker days, the home viewer never got to see what was on those cards that he “revealed” only to himself during the Contestants’ Row parts of the show (“And the actual retailer price IS….”), but it’s a bit far-fetched to think the entire enterprise is a sham. Sure, Barker and the show’s producers showed preference to whom they wanted in front of the camera in the first place: the bounciest busty ladies, military servicemen, and thrilled-to-the-gills members of those twenty-large groups that all turn up wearing the same “Price Is Right is the best!” kinds of sweatshirts. But the whole thing? Dunno. I’m conflicted.

Some of the funky-ass music cues that were written in the early ’70s, and compiled in the download below, survived well into the ’90s, when I was still watching the show with my grandmother — and some of them I’d never heard before, as they were retired for reasons unknown.

Take a look at what the whole Price Is Right music library used to look like in the flesh here!

“The Price Is Right” early ’70s music library (ZIP file)

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744 Responses to THE PRICE IS RIGHT

  1. Daniel says:

    This is the best blog I’ve come across in a really long time. I just spent the last hour or so perusing your archives and I found some really great stuff. Thanks!

  2. Jude says:

    Bret, you’re approaching “Hero” status with all this continued excellence.

    Not even exaggerating.

    Anyone who frequents this place knows what I mean.

  3. Jason says:

    It was only until recently (now that Drew Carey is hosting TPiR) that the theme song was rerecorded IN STEREO.

  4. Greg says:

    Great stuff! “Splendido!” has lyrics:

    Ohhh yeah…It’s nothing but furniture:
    Sectional Living Room,
    StainMaster carpet too.

    Too bad….nothing but furniture:
    Elegant Dining Room,
    Michael C. Fina and you.

    Aaaaand althoughhh,
    the bed is soft and dee-eep,
    You’ll get a good night’s slee-eep,
    You will still have nothing there to drive…

    no car…no truck…no vannnn…

    …You’re stuck with furniture:
    tan Broyhill furniture.
    Maybe some of it reclines.

    You can’t believe *this* is it.

    Oh man, it’s nothing but furniture.
    Rod Roddy’s spiel is done.
    Should have kept Showcase One.

    How will you get this home?
    (repeat and fade)

  5. Nick says:

    Something I have wanted for a very long time. Thanks!

  6. Thank you so much for this! I’ve been looking for this for years, wasn’t sure if it actually existed. I was just hoping that one day I would come across all that great TPiR music I loved as a kid. I think it may have been the start of my lifelong 70′s obsession!

  7. Terrance Tucker says:

    Excellent compilation! The modern cues used on TPIR can’t hold a candle to these gems. Great job!

  8. Mushroom says:

    Awesome collection… remember many of these from back in the day when I was a kid watching the show on sick days or summer. One thing missing, which I realize is game music not specifically a cue, is the yodeling song from the mountain climber game. THAT should have been on this if for no other reason than it’s the most memorable song on the show. Otherwise awesome!

  9. AD says:

    Between the switch to HD, the current director’s different style, and Drew just being Drew, you often CAN see what’s written on the cards these days. And I haven’t seen Drew “misread” one yet. :)

    Even as a kid, it drove me nuts that Bob made sure you never, EVER saw what was on the cards, even after he announced it. I never thought it was rigged though; I just wanted to see whether they were typed or handwritten. Why, I have no idea.

  10. Julian says:


    I am serious. I never, EVER thought I’d find something like this. I always dig’d the tunes in the background and wondered why I was the only one who liked them.

    Then I find this. I-I’m like in disbelief. I thought “no way this is real.” I was wrong.

    I don’t even know what matters anymore.

    I found the meaning of life.

  11. KM says:

    This music still gives me the warm fuzzies to this day :o)

  12. Evi says:

    Oh my, I never expected to be so so THOROUGHLY entertained by small music clips.

    Thank you so much for making my day!