THE FEED-BACK – s/t LP (1970)

This wonderful and curious album has both the distinctive touches of British library music and German kraut jams, ask but it’s actually an Italian jazz-rock group featuring Ennio Morricone on trumpet! This record is a psychedelic jazz freakout on the highest level, link much like the “Frrrrridgidare” LP by Le Groupe X (another Italian studio project) I posted on PPJ a while back, and will re-post here on ECR sometime soon. Highly, highly recommended!

The Feed-Back – s/t LP (ZIP file)

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685 Responses to THE FEED-BACK

  1. pesya says:

    wow – ennio in a band! this should be great.

  2. Don says:

    excellent stuff. reminds me a little of the best organisation and early kraftwerk jams.