The Fauves rocked my fucking world, migraine and it’s a terrible shame that few have known their pleasures. They were an unholy mixture of Unwound and Radiohead, and had they stayed together, they just might’ve taken over the world.

They were three teens from Glendora, a suburb of Pasadena, CA, and “Raw Heart Sound”, originally on Redwood Records (now defunct…?), was their only release I know of. I saw them play just once at The Smell, the long-standing all-ages Los Angeles club (where I took the above picture), and as their unusually long set morphed and twisted and turned — I swear, tears formed in my eyes. I was witnessing something huge and special, corny as that sounds, and little did I know that it’d end for The Fauves before it truly began.

They broke up, I assume, for the usual teenage reasons: college, or some silly fight, or disinterest. Who knows? After the gig of theirs I saw in December of 2000, I approached the drummer (whom I also had a huge crush on), and asked him if they’d recorded anything yet. He said he’d mail me a cassette of what they’d done up to that point, and weeks later, there it was sitting in my mailbox. I stuck it in my car and promptly forgot about it, until a solitary road trip from L.A. to Monterey to visit a friend months later. The tape of what was to become “Raw Heart Sound” inadvertently made it into the car stereo at the start of my drive back home — and managed to stay in, repeating from side A to B and back again in a 40-minute loop, for almost the entire five-hour ride. I was transfixed, locked into a harmonious nirvana with these three Glendorians. Funny enough, as soon as I grew into this massive never-ending appreciation for The Fauves, they all disappeared from the scene. They stopped playing shows, they stopped going to shows as spectators at The Smell and other points similar, and their album came out and passed through the world unnoticed. I never got the proper chance to thank them. Hopefully, one of them well eventually stumble across ECR and smile.

The Fauves – “Raw Heart Sound” CD (ZIP file)


You’re not ready for this one. Seriously — nothing can prepare you for this sound. Nothing prepared me when I first heard it —

There was this guy who was briefly a co-worker at the video store that I run with my friend in Los Angeles, and he was an immense fan of the original NYC No Wave scene. In addition to this addiction, he had played in a few skronking music outfits when he’d lived in Chicago, and he started this label called Flemish Masters, which only put out two releases before he seemed to either grow disinterested, or stopped having the funds to do more releases. One of them was of his own music, and the other was a reissue of “Future Language”. Before he gave me a copy of this CD, I’d never heard a note of Von LMO, nor did I know it was even a reissue! I thought it was a current band, since I was provided with no context (or explanatory liner notes).

I could write volumes of how jaw-dropping this album is, but I’m going to leave you with only as much info on it as I was originally given. It’s more fun that way. The cover art should tell you all you need to know.

Von LMO – “Future Language” (ZIP file)


Wow, wow, wow. This is a brainboiler of an album, an true metal gem that came and went completely unnoticed in the early eighties. Mistreater were from Ohio, and sounded like suburban 14-year-olds working in total isolation, doing inspired Black Sabbath riffage through a wide-eyed innocence filter — although there’s hardly any info about them at all on the web, so I can’t verify the actual circumstances under which this was recorded. After this, their first album, they waited another six years before coming out with their second and final, “Swami”. Sources tell me that it’s not that good, so I’d stick with just this one —

I was introduced to this incredible band by the Reverend Magog of the Beer and Jesus Archives. He originally suggested that I start with the track “Evil Woman”. I suggest you do the same.

Mistreater – “Hell’s Fire” (ZIP file)

THE BIRTHDAY PARTY – 3 live sets

My favorite live album of all-all-all-time is “Live 1981-82″, an emotionally overwhelming posthumous compilation of material from The Birthday Party, released by 4AD several years ago. The BP were an all-consuming flame as a live act, something not entirely apparent if you listen to their studio releases which, while appropriately cluttered and insane, can be thin-sounding (with the exception of the apocalyptic “Mutiny” EP from ‘83, their final burst). I’ve started to collect Birthday Party live shows with the rabidness of a Grateful Dead-following douchebag, and here’s three of the better-sounding ones…

The Birthday Party – University Refectory, Sydney, Australia, January 6th, 1982 (ZIP file)
The Birthday Party – The Hacienda, Manchester, UK, 1982 (ZIP file)
The Birthday Party – The Hacienda, Manchester, UK, 1983 (ZIP file)

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  1. Katie says:

    Fantastic post…I really like that Fauves album.

  2. h2o says:

    That Von Lmo CD might be one of the best records I own. Scorching.

  3. thumbutt says:

    HOLY CRAP the Von LMO is incredible. I am very pleased to have it , it’s just that I CANNOT STOP PLAYING IT!!!
    People I work with are into it too , thanks a ton!!!

  4. Ryan says:

    Thanks for MISTREATER – “HELL’S FIRE”, Their second one Swami isn’t as good as this one it seems but its got some decent stuff, I would say the best track is the title track, just drop me an email if you would like to hear it.

  5. ben says:

    dear eggman–
    if you have the liquid sky soundtrack, could you please upload it? that and the superb television rhino concert cd “live at the old waldorf” are two new wave recordings that it’s nearly impossible to find.


  6. yazoo says:

    Hello Bret,

    Can you name check that Fauves recording? When I do the Google, I get a lot of hits for a Fauves album, on Redwood, titled “Raw Heart *Soul*”

    Or would that be the other Fauves?

    Like you said, they rock my world, wow.

  7. Doc Lehman says:

    MISTREATER were from the Wayne County, Ohio area (Wooster-Orrville-Apple Creek-Creston). Formed in the late 1970′s with Larry Nottingham and Ronnie Wilmoth on guitars, singer Kurt Ludi, drummer Donnie Frase and bassist Tom Piarowski.

    Piarowski and Wilmoth left just prior to this recording. A new bassist joined and they recorded and performed as a four-piece.

    Piarowski and Wilmoth left to form TopRow with drummer Jerry Shell and guitarist Steve Hanna.

  8. Listening to my copy of the Fauves CD right now and decided to do a little internet search to see if I could see what those guys were up to now (I did the same thing a couple of years ago). The heartbreaking thing about “raw heart sounds” is that it pales in comparison to what they were capable of live. I kick myself for not seeing them as often as I could have, but I just figured they’d be around for a long time, despite how dysfunctional they were. I think at least two of them were younger than myself, but they seemed so far ahead. I’ve only listened to this album a couple of times in the last few years, but I feel as if the couple of times I saw them continue to have an effect on the music I make now. Another sad thing about this record – the vast majority of the remaining copies of it (on both vinyl and CD) were put in a landfill about 2 years ago. Anyway, I’m glad I have the memories I have.

  9. bobby knuckles says:

    The Von LMO LP is outrageous. Thanks. Not as outrageous as his Red Resistor LP that J Cope streamed on his website a while back. Any chance of putting that on?

    Thanks for the great records.

  10. Jess the mess says:

    AWESOME! I am overjoyed to see this Von Lmo album again and to know that people still love it. He really is incredible.

    My mother managed him and produced the original album version of Future Language back in 1981, I was 9 at the time, but I remember painting the silver paint on those space boots they are wearing on the cover :)


  11. chris says:

    the bass on the fauves record kicks ass. that’s the tone i like–-just bright enough to cut though the mix, but still sounds deep like it should.

  12. Elisabelino says:

    Thanks so much for the VON LMO album and the Birthday Party live sets.Hola from P.R.

  13. Weatherbox says:

    Jesus, that von LMO album is astounding. This website if excellent, the RAR’s are easy to get, the music is incredible and itunes already has the tracklisting! You have performed a venerable service to mankind, sir.

  14. KZA says:

    Raw Heart Sound is amazing! Thanks so much for posting it. Since discovering it here on ECR I’ve tried to find other information on the band with no luck. I’m surprised that no other blog has picked this album to be featured, as it’s mind-blowing. Another underappreciated band that’s passed away virtually unnoticed.

  15. Buddha's Buddy says:

    I don’t know what to say. I’ve spent the better half of the weekend going through your site, downloading and listening to all kinds of great music that is either new to my ears, or bringing back memories long ago pushed back to that dark corner of my brain. This is great (though the wife doesn’t agree). Thank you immensely for keeping the downloads active over the years (they would be history by now on Rapidshare).