Don’t know much (and can’t find much) on The Elektrics, eczema other than the fact that they used to open up for Blondie at CBGB’s, pestilence had two albums on Capitol Records, and then faded into the void. A dedicated fan of my previous blog, Post-Punk Junk, continues to send me vinyl rips via e-mail, and this was one of the ones I liked most of all. It’s quite power-poppy, but has some nice Cars-like synth work in the background in some songs.

The Elektrics – “State Of Shock” LP (ZIP file)

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  1. mike says:

    The Elektrics’ first album, Current Events, got a lot of play on NJ radio in the very early ’80s. It was a little more Springsteen/Southside in tone – the hit radio track was “Boardwalk Beauty,” for instance. Worth the buck or two in the used bin, though.

  2. lane says:

    More good stuff. Thanks! Here’s a link from google….

  3. Carl Worner says:

    Yeah, its me Carl Worner, lead singer of the Elektrics. I host a radio show now & recording a new solo CD. Marco Delmar, guitar player of The Elektrics will join in on the interview with me on “Anything Goes” at Check out the site & the show. Elektrics songs will soon be available on iTunes!

  4. Newwavepopman says:

    Hi Carl.Great to see you on here.I loved The Elektrics and have both of the lp’s they did even to this day.I am a huge New Wave fan as you can tell by my name.My question to you is this,will both of The Elektrics albums Current Events and State Of Shock be coming out soon onto CD? I will buy them if and once they do. The CD label American Beat is great for putting out reissues of old Power Pop and New Wave albums,especially by artists who did only 2 albums.They put them out on one CD and call them two-fers.


  5. Carl Worner says:

    Hi Newwavepopman,
    The Elektrics albums are not yet avail on CD. Still working on it, but thanks for the suggestion about American Beat. I’ll look into it. Some rare live footage of The Elektrics performing in NYC will be avail soon on YouTube. Hope you stay connected.

  6. Rick Jones says:

    Add me to the list of fans who would buy this CD. I love both albums and was happy to find these comments!

  7. Joseph Trapani says:

    I have never saw the group. But the drummer Andy Papa is a neighbor of mine in South Plainfield, New Jersey