Am enjoying my four-day vacation in Cleveland; hopped on a plane with a friend in L.A. who’s originally from there ‘cuz it’s his birthday, glaucoma and he wanted me to hang out with him for heavy doses of Cleveland cuisine. Will have a full rundown of the glorious excess of our food tour soon –

While in a record store, sildenafil I picked up a 1982 back issue of the NME (never having read a full issue before), find and found the mag to be in retrospect an odd mixture of Rolling Stone and Mad Magazine. Peculiar, given its reputation, although it’s entirely possible that I just wasn’t paying too close attention to certain parts of said reputation. If anyone out there has a pile of NME back issues (as well as Sounds, for that matter) from the ’70s up until the early ’80s, I’d love to take them off yr. hands. Get in touch if you wanna do a swap of some kind at i n f o @ e g g c i t y r a d i o . c o m.

THE CURE – 3.14159 live sets

I got a little misty-eyed when I ran the first of the downloads below, a set from Belgium in 1981, through my iPod headphone speakers last week. The recording quality is pretty good, and the version of “The Funeral Party” is particularly emotive and wonderful. I haven’t had time to give the others a full listen yet, but I know that at least their audio quality is worth giving them a shot as well. Also, the second set below (downloads 2 & 3) has no track listings, and the set from ’85 is incomplete.

The Cure – Werchter, Belgium, July 5th 1981 (ZIP file)
The Cure – Paris, France, 1982: Disc 1 (ZIP file)
The Cure – Paris, France, 1982: Disc 1 (ZIP file)
The Cure – various rare live tracks, 1980-84 (ZIP file)
The Cure – Paris, France, December 18th, 1985 (ZIP file)

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  1. Jude says:

    “vacation” in Cleveland…

    I just love when the jokes write themselves.

  2. Jason says:

    With the exception of “All I want to do is kill her”, “Happy Birthday” and “I hate Rock n Roll”, all of the tracks from the Rare Live Tracks file are from the “Curiosity: Cure anomolies 1980-84″, which was on the B-side of the “Concert” cassette. I have noticed many if not all of the Curiousity tracks have resurfaced as bonus tracks on the new Cure reissues. I don’t think Curiousity ever came out as it’s own release, but Concert has been rereleased on (import) CD and LP via the release’s original label, Fiction.

    Sorry if this is commonly known info…:)