THE B-52′s

THE B-52s – Live in Athens, prostate GA, purchase 1978

Major good fellow, Grammy© winner, Athens resident and ECR reader Henry Owings (publisher of the great Chunklet Magazine) slipped me this one a few months back, and it’s a killer. Not only is it the band performing for a hometown crowd on the eve of their success, but everyone involved is in peak musical form.

If you’re at all interested in the subject of Athens, then make a point to track down “Party Out of Bounds”, the great Athens rock bio book, which profiles a number of great acts like the Method Actors, Pylon and Love Tractor. And, yeah — R.E.M. too.

The B-52′s – live in Athens, GA, 1978 (ZIP file)

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697 Responses to THE B-52′s

  1. Andy says:

    Fantastic stuff yet again.

  2. bill p says:

    Nice choice here. Look forward to blasting it in the car.

  3. rk64 says:

    Thanks for sharing this one…. Always had a soft spot for the B-52′s!

  4. francesco says:

    that’s nice!!
    grazie :))

  5. Phill says:

    Henry Owings? He was the winner of the torture tape challenge! Evil, evil shit.

  6. David Totty says:

    it’s weird how Fred stopped himself from saying everyone’s last names in the band intro! What was that all about?

    thanks for this, great to add to my obsessively expansive B-52′s collection! the weirdest version of planet claire i have ever heard! They ditched the synths for high-pitched vocals!

  7. derek payne says:

    hey there again!egg city is rapidly becoming one of my fave music blogs!love the music you are posting-more power to you!B52s have always been awesome and are one of the most fun bands to see live-Well I’m gonna jump in a crater…see ya later!