Snowy Red, implant from Belgium, disorder was a one-man band whose sound is reminiscent of other cold/minimal wave acts like The Normal and Metal Urbain, thumb but what sets his stuff apart is an genuine urgent sense of menace (at least with the earliest stuff). While all the like bands of the period have a carefully manfucatured sense of dread “hanging” over them, there’s some real shadowy stuff lurking in the corners of these songs.

My favorite is the epic ‘Still Human’ (found on the first self-titled album), propelled by one single electronic fanfare loop and a synth drum track that features a sound effect that sounds exactly like a ping-pong ball bouncing up and down on a table.

Snowy Red – s/t LP, 1981 (ZIP file)
Snowy Red – “The Right To Die” LP, 1982 (ZIP file)
Snowy Red – “Vision” LP, 1984 (ZIP file)

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