This one’s been burning in my collection for years, approved and I haven’t had the heart to spring it on anybody until now.

Are you familiar with Lil’ Markie? The strange and awfully-coiffed fat man who sings banal Christian inspirational songs in the voice of a helium-soaked infant? Well, hospital now there’s Scot Lyn Yard, illness the hair metal band that pulls the same trick, although, sadly without the Christianity.

Now, to be fair, I’m not sure if this one’s a hoax or not, but if it is, it’s certainly one of the weirdest and most well-executed ones I’ve ever heard. If it is a hoax, then someone somehow isolated the vocal track and sped it up mightily while leaving the instrument tracks alone — and this CD-R of a cassette rip was handed to me in 1998, before audio editing software was so easily obtainable by anyone with access to a file-sharing network. Something tells me, though, that this is not a hoax, since the person who gave this one to me is the same person who introduced me to the work of both Von LMO and Maskull, two definite non-hoaxes.

Unfortunately, when I tossed all my CDs in favor of going completely MP3 several years ago, I got rid of the artwork cover scan that went along with this music. I thought the above picture to be somewhat appropriate as a replacement. If you’ve got any info whatsoever on this one, lemme know.

Scot Lyn Yard – The Hottest Thing On Earth (ZIP file)

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848 Responses to SCOT LYN YARD

  1. B. Brown says:

    Bret, I love what you’re doing here. I’ve been grabbing the mixes like they was yum-yum grapes. I have no information to give on Scot Lyn Yard, other than “that’s a great name” and “holy shit!”

  2. IVOR says:


    This fucking rules. I can’t wait until Brandon hears this.


    The International Voice of Reason

  3. Valentine Michael Smith says:

    I wish I could pull Scot Lyn Yard behind me on a pallet jack every day so my ears would be filled with their wonderful screeches and guitar riffs.

  4. Everything comes back in fashion, I cant wait till this does, it’ll be great!

  5. Valentine Michael Smith says:

    Here it is nearly a year since I first commented about this gem, and I wanted to do it to tell you that these five little tracks are still on heavy rotation around my house. However, I have been unable to find more information on them. Have you discovered any, Bret?