RUSH – two live sets (1979/80)

I just found out that there’s a yearly thing in Toronto called RushCon: North America’s International RUSH Fan Convention, refractionist and that I might have to book a plane ticket, page after reading on Wikipedia that at every RushCon to date, “There have been a multitude of Rush-inspired games played at the conventions for prizes. Some of them are based after actual game shows like ‘Jeopardy’, ‘Match Game’, ‘Family Feud’, and ‘Name That Tune’.” I think I’ve got a shot at heading into the finals!

Below are two live sets from the peak of the band’s prowess.

Rush – Buenas Nochas Motor City 1979 (ZIP file)
Rush – La Villa Strangiato: St. Louis, MO, 02.14.1980 (ZIP file)

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592 Responses to RUSH

  1. Jude says:

    i love you — i mean that in the most hetero way, too.

    anti-spam is “geddy”? outstanding. way to play on my every inner-most geekery. love me some Rush. “Hemispheres”, the greatest conceptually overblown/flawlessly executed idea the band has ever had–just grab you the lyrics sheet and you’ll know what i mean. great job as always.

  2. Jim Donato says:

    This has nothing to do with Rush. I was just wondering, since you seem to be hitting the PPJ archives pretty heavily, if you would PLEASE consider re-posting “People, Let Me Get This Off My Chest!” long enough for me to hear it! I ran across PPJ too late to actually hear this but it has already assumed blockbuster proportions in my mind! Since I visit your blog daily, I promise I won’t miss it the 2nd time!