PUBLIC IMAGE, here LTD. – various stuffs (1978-1983)

The live compilation: at the video store I run with my friends in Los Angeles, we specialize in out-of-print, hard-to-find and just plain bootleggy weirdness. I recently bought for the store a Public Image Ltd. DVD compilation, and I’ve just grabbed the audio right from the video, so here you go. One thing I did not include was the legendary “American Bandstand” appearance from ‘79, since I though it redundant to have a track of them lip-synching. I guess I could’ve grabbed the audio of Dick Clark introducing them beforehand, but whatever. Something of note that is on here is the entire 12-minute “interview” with Tom Snyder that appears on the new double-disc DVD set called ” ‘The Tomorrow Show’: Punk & New Wave”.

The ’78 gig: the sound quality of this recording is janky, but I’ve included it here for historical interest, for this Belgium show in ‘78 was the very first PiL gig EVER, according to the fan site Fodderstompf

The ’79 Peel Session: if “Metal Box” (aka “Second Edition”) had sounded only half as incredible as the versions of these three songs, then they would’ve sold ten times more copies. Produced by none other than Tony Wilson, these fiery versions of “Poptones”, “Careering” and “Chant” actually made the hairs on my arms stand straight up, and upon hearing them for the first time recently, I was reminded of just what made me apeshit over PiL in the first place. These recordings can be found on the three-disc box set “Plastic Box” that came out in ‘99, which currently fetches insane out-of-print prices, upwards of a few hundred dollars.

PiL РLive At Th̢̩tre 140, Bruxelles, Belgium, 12.20.78 (ZIP file)
PiL – Peel Session, 12.17.79 (ZIP file)
PiL – live rarities compilation (ZIP file)

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  1. Thank you so much for this! The Peel sessions in particular are enough to make a grown man cry. Keep up the good work!

  2. Lazarus Long says:

    Thanx for these 3 PIL pearls. It’s not only fun to listen to this “old” songs, it give’s a real goood feeling. Thanx again from hamburg, germany

  3. Tim Kennedy says:

    Truly stunning, I can’t thank you enough.

  4. Blauhaus says:

    You need a thanking.

  5. Andy says:

    Fantastic blog – so many amazing discoveries. By the way, the Tony Wilson who produced various John Peel sessions is not the Tony Wilson of Factory Records infamy.