POST-PUNK JUNK (The TV Show), Episode #04

This week, side effects the Post-Punk Junk music video show didn’t go live from the Stickam studio, since the whole Stickam office is undergoing renovations. But I made a pre-recorded next episode anyway.

I’ve heard so few comments about this show I’ve now been doing for a month — pleeze post something in the comments field about what I’m doing here. I need some feedback!

Episode #04 (May 12th, 2007): 1) Eddie Jobson – Turn It Over; 2) La Dusseldorf – Viva; 3) Gary Numan – She’s Got Claws; 4) David Lee Roth – inane stage banter; 5) The Members – Offshore Banking Business; 6) Fun Boy Three – Lunatics

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698 Responses to POST-PUNK JUNK (The TV Show), Episode #04

  1. Rob says:

    Just to let you know, I am really enjoying the ppj shows. I watched episode three for a second time. Thanks for all the time and effort you are putting into this. Cheers man,

    Rob, London.

  2. Myles says:

    Yeah the show is fantastic, I really like the choice of videos, I’m just waiting for some FALL videos and I’ll be set.

  3. pesya says:

    I love your show. I’m at my job so i haven’t seen the new one yet but I can’t wait to. I heard Sonny was going to be co-hosting, I really like his taste, hope he made it out anyway. Good choice in picking fucking ANAVAN up! I actually think the show could use a little lengthening. At least when its live. And I love what you play, I’ve never heard of anything I’ve seen on it so far and that helps me find things which is always helpful. Keep at it!

  4. pesya says:

    I loved the David Lee Roth..

  5. lane says:

    I really enjoy the videos. I think they are a nice addition to the PPJ/ECR thing. Haven’t watched them all yet but I liked Gang of Four and Dr. Feelgood a lot. I love live music. There should be more of it.
    By the way, you have Joey Ramone arms, and I mean that in a good way.

    A longtime pal,

  6. Katie J says:

    As someone just recently trying to delve deeper into the magnificent world of post-punk era music, I am completely in love with Egg City Radio. Great variety, great videos…yay! The live selections are especially appreciated. Keep up the great work!

  7. Joe Stumble says:

    “The only people who put iced tea in Jack Daniels bottles….”


  8. steelyjack says:

    Longtime fan of Post Punk Junk. Very glad I stumbled across your new site. Welcome back. “The Clash” reference in the DLR video is the key to when/where they were playing: it was the 1983 US Festival, on “Heavy Metal Day” (also explains DLR’s “Glen Helen, etc.” reference.) The Clash headlined the day before (“New Wave Day”) and I’ve seen clips of most of the songs from their set. The performances are pretty good, but what’s notable about the clips is the Joe Strummer banter between almost every song. He preached, pleaded, moaned, bitched, kicked and screamed about a whole assortment of topics: capitalism, technology, ignorance, globalization. He was basically just being Joe Strummer. Well, apparently, the “real men don’t put tea in their whiskey bottles” nature of DLR’s comment was just a feeble attempt to one-up and shut up the whiny punkers.