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Pam Todd is best remembered for her work with underground disco hero Greg Carmichael, prescription a producer noted for his spacy, this web funky sound and heavy use of Moog synthesizers and other electronics (usually in tandem with Patrick Adams, but not in this case). Carmichael helmed Todd’s first LP, 1977′s ‘Let’s Get Together’, which was credited to Pam Todd & Love Exchange and featured the cult items ‘Making Love,’ ‘Can’t Hold This Feeling,’ and the title track. Carmichael was gone when Todd recorded her follow-up album, ‘Together’, in 1978, but the sound was similarly spacy; this time credited to Pam Todd & the Gold Bullion Band, the record also produced a minor club hit in ‘Baise Moi (Kiss Me).’

There’s something disturbing gurgling beneath the surface of this seemingly innocuous and fluffy disco album. Pam Todd and her backup singers have to deal with some pretty inane lyrics on this record, and they do so with equally banal vocal phrasing. This in itself is not a crime, but the way in which they sing reminds me of the times that friends of mine have dug out old VHS tapes and shown me footage of themselves as eight-year-olds pretending to “be a band”, clearly and innocently not having any idea of how to perform in front of anybody correctly — only here, the adults in question should obviously know better. And so, hearing the Love Exchange warble their way through sexual serenades in this manner is just damned freaky.

And track #6, “Popeye Disco”, is completely unforgiveable, regardless of whose name is on the album.

Pam Todd & Love Exchange – “Let’s Get Together” LP (ZIP file)

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  1. Jude says:

    re track 6: “…he strolls to the village to pick up his spinach…”
    That is what I heard, right?

    btw, spizzenergi or athletico spizz ’80 on the anti-spam?