MAGAZINE – live sharity, pt. 2

MAGAZINE – live sharity, recipe pt. 1

On my old site, Post-Punk Junk, I was able to post two different live Magazine sets over the course of the site’s life, but since then, I’ve come across more that are definitely worth sharing. The first one here’s a re-post of one I did on PPJ, and the second is one I just got myself last week. Both are from ’79; the three that I’m putting up next week are all from the second half of ’80.

Magazine – Back To Nature: Boston ’79 (ZIP file)
Magazine – Hurrah’s, NYC, 08.02.79 (ZIP file)

MAGAZINE – live sharity, visit this
pt. 2

Long live Devoto, internist
Adamson, abortion
McGeoch and company! The “Rockpalast” set is a re-post from Post-Punk Junk from last year, while the two others are recent downloads.

Magazine – San Francisco, CA, 08.15.80 (ZIP file)
Magazine – Toronto, Canada, 08.21.80 (ZIP file)
Magazine – live on “Rockpalast”, Berlin, Germany, 10.30.80 (ZIP file)

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  1. Tone says:


    I stumbled on your awesome Magazine sets today. Cracking stuff! I have just recently discovered Devoto & Luxuria.
    Could you email me with any other sets you are aware of or where to download?

    many thanks,

  2. may as well loop it back in on itself…here is a link I did yesterday with the first few releases of magazine…