MAGAZINE – live sharity, pt. 1

MAGAZINE – live sharity, recipe pt. 1

On my old site, Post-Punk Junk, I was able to post two different live Magazine sets over the course of the site’s life, but since then, I’ve come across more that are definitely worth sharing. The first one here’s a re-post of one I did on PPJ, and the second is one I just got myself last week. Both are from ’79; the three that I’m putting up next week are all from the second half of ’80.

Magazine – Back To Nature: Boston ’79 (ZIP file)
Magazine – Hurrah’s, NYC, 08.02.79 (ZIP file)

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664 Responses to MAGAZINE – live sharity, pt. 1

  1. Peter from Irvine, CA says:

    wow. Many thanks for the magazine posts. This is absolutely amazing. Again, many thanks.

  2. bill p says:

    one of those Magazine posts was incredible. I played it so loud it was borderline frightning. Thanks again and glad you are afloat.

  3. Tom says:

    The last three songs in the Hurrah’s post are probably not from that show. They are Parade, Give Me Everything, and Shot by Both Sides. It’s probably off a Canadian or French show since the announcer is speaking French.

  4. monadjudant69 says:

    man,you’re making me cry !my poor 14 year-old french ass was at that hurrah’s club show,28 years ago….just standing there in front of my idols John & Howie….my 1st UK “punk” band live ,such a souvenir….thanks a billion,man,glad you’re back on the net !

  5. grant e. says:

    love your site, and thanks for putting in the effort. was at the stranglers
    toronto show my first taste of live “punk” it was a good year for concerts here

  6. Dean says:

    Wow remember seeing these on the secondhand daylight tour
    great band, many thanx much appreciated

  7. Dave Sez says:

    Dear Sharity,

    I thanked you a fair while back for these outstanding gigs, and have been directing fans to you ever since. As I have now collated all of the Magazine links I have into one mega-post, and thought you would like to check it out. Thanks again, Dave Sez.