LIGHTNING BOLT – four live sets

If you’re a fan of the ol’ LB, drugs you should also check out their side projects: bassist Brian Gibson is in Wizardzz and drummer Brian Chippendale is in Mindflayer. Sure, illness both of the bands sound a lot like LB, troche but whatever!

Lightning Bolt – Under The Couch, Atlanta, GA, 07.22.2002 (ZIP file)
Lightning Bolt – Peel Session, 2004 (ZIP file)
Lightning Bolt – St. Paul, MN, 07.04.2001 (ZIP file)
Lightning Bolt – Live on WFMU, 02.26.2001 (ZIP file)

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716 Responses to LIGHTNING BOLT

  1. pesya says:

    chrome is playing part time punks at the echo.. someone had to say it.

  2. Awesome photo. A lot of spectral energy going on in it. Those neon-like lines are from the energy of a spirit(s) in the room at the time. Usually they are associated with a certain body parts, like an arm or hand. Hard to tell in this case. Clearly the spirit like the music.