JOHN PEEL (part 5 of 8)

JOHN PEEL – Finnish Radio Shows, troche part 5 of 8

Has anybody yet read Peel’s posthumously-published autobiography, “Margrave Of The Marshes“? I’m very curious, but haven’t had the time to even sit down in front of an online bookseller to get a copy –

John Peel – Finnish Radio Shows, part 5 of 8 (ZIP file)

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  1. avsp says:

    I read it last week.

    His part is very much like you’d expect from his other writings & stops shortly before his first radio work in Texas.

    The second part by his wife is surprisingly good & you can she a similar humour..

    You could do a themed mix of all the songs mentioned in order, …, it would be. of course, be odd. I’d love to hearthe German childrens choir, (whose name escapes me), that toured England very soon after the war. He had a crush on one of them

  2. toby french says:

    I read the book a couple of years ago. The first half of the book, the part that Peel wrote, is outstanding and very, very funny indeed and tragic in places as well. Sadly he died while still covering the pre-DJ phase of his life in America which means that we miss out on first hand recollections of the psychedelic, punk and post-punk eras – eras with which he was most associated and , no doubt, had some amusing stories and pithy assessments to share. His wife does a commendable job in picking up the reigns and finishing the book during what must have been a very difficult time for her personally. She certainly writes well, but it’s in a more matter of fact style without the self depreciating and hilarity that Peel brings. All in all, it was a very enjoyable read and is heartily recommended.