JOHN PEEL (part 2 of 8)

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JOHN PEEL – Finnish Radio Shows, price part 2 of 8

Just found what might be the only site ,321755,00.html”>anti-Peel article I’ve ever read! It’s by former NME writer Julie Burchill, who, as it happens, was ranked number 85 in Channel 4′s poll of 100 Worst Britons.

John Peel – Finnish Radio Shows, part 2 of 8 (ZIP file)

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  1. avsp says:

    Julie B is an idiotic self-promoting troll. Not that Peel was a saint mind you, …, but at least he admitted his errors of judgement etc & sought to correct them.

    Heres a kwik JP/JB story. Back when the Banshees first album was released she reviewed it for the NME, (where with Tony Parson she was making her name). She rubbished the album drawing attention the opening track ‘pure’ saying that Check Berry had never written an instrumental

    That night Peel said ‘Sorry Julie’ & played a Chuck Berry instrumental, to my shame I cant remember the title.of it.

  2. dave p says:

    Julie’s ex Parsons also compared Peel unfavourably to a pop-tastic R1 rival a few days after his death: “Tony Blackburn, in his prime, was a better DJ. Just as passionate about the music he played, Blackburn championed great soul music. Peel mostly championed second-rate rock music”. Gotta love ‘em.

  3. dave p says:

    ps. Shouldn’t that link be ?

    I wonder how many old Tony Blackburn shows are doing the rounds on the internets? People must surely have sat recording the great man’s output whenever he was on.

  4. avsp says:

    to be fair to both Peel & Blackburn Peel did recant over Blackburn’s musical taste, (sometime in the 90′s IIRR)

    He voluntarily admitted that much of the music he had championed in the 70′s hadnt stood the test of time whereas much of Motown had.