JOHN PEEL (part 1 of 8)

JOHN PEEL – Finnish Radio Shows, pregnancy part 1 of 8

Recently I was gifted a treasure trove of John Peel airchecks from the late ’80s up until 1996. They were pre-recorded programs intended for broadcast on the Finnish station/show(?) Rockradio. Apparently, case Peel did this sort of thing for many countries over the years. Dunno if he did this for Finland every week or just every once in a while, find but in any case, I’ve got about fifteen full hour-long programs, plus a few half-recorded ones. I’ve seen these pop up as torrents, but nobody else seems to be offering them up to the layman as downloads.

John Peel – Finnish Radio Shows, part 1 of 8 (ZIP file)

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  1. Monty says:

    Ace! I have loads of Peel tapes, mostly from the ’90′s/’00′s…this man was my musical education from about 1970 onwards,along with his rhythm pal David ‘Kid’ Jensen who seems largely forgotten. Does anybody else on Earth of a certain age remember ‘Jensen’s Dimensions’ on Radio Luxembourg…1am to 3am Monday to Thursday on lo-fi medium wave…listening under the bedcovers on my red and cream Bush transistor radio…ah, those were different times. I must have been knackered in school next day. Anyway, keep on mixing up the pre and post punk. ( some great Joe Strummer BBC World Service shows over on Radio Clash, by the way )

  2. dave p says:

    I’ve often wondered how we combined those midnight finishes with having to get to school 10 minutes late the next day. I guess we didn’t need the full 13 hours’ sleep back then. Now that most of my live listening’s from nine time zones away it means I can grab some kip before tuning in at 1am (6am on Sundays). Imagine if we’d had online radio then!

  3. Mikko says:

    Peel had I think bi-weekly show on the Finnish Broadcasting Company, or YLE in Finnish.

    In the 80′s there was a radio show called Rockradio, but in the early 90′s YLE formed Radiomafia, Finnish equivalent for BBC Radio 1.

  4. Bob says:

    thank you thank you. Always great to hear the great man – and these are great shows.

  5. Mike Hyde says:

    Hi! Thanks for the chance to get a Peel fix. Just discovered your site.
    I’d like to sow the seed of an idea for a John Peel Face-To-Face Peer-to-Peer file sharing experience.
    I’m downloading what I can from great sites like this, from Bit Torrent and eMule. What I download I share through eMule but the exchange is very slooowwwww!
    How about (perhaps on John Peel Day) we meet in a pub/coffee shop/festival in Swansea/Aberdeen/Leicester/Derry-Londonderry and exchange our flash drives/CD’s/DVD’s for instant copying?

  6. jes says:

    …who do i get the rest of the #of 8…??

    peel was/is my greatest inspiration… anyone wana join me this john peel day i will be n shrewsbury… at a peel gig :oD