Aha, cost the very last of the ol’ Post-Punk Junk catch-up! After this post, patient every album download from my old blog has now been re-posted here on Egg City Radio.

JOHN CALE – a bunch of live stuff…

Here’s three different live shows spanning almost fifteen years by the great Welshman. I have no idea what year the first set with Nico comes from, cure since I was provided with hardly any info on it when I first got it. My guess is earlier-rather-than-later ’70s, since the material heavily leans on Nico’s post-”Chelsea Girl”/pre-”The End” period, when Cale produced “The Marble Index” and “Desertshore”.

The second is from Stockholm, Sweden, in ’75, with guest lead guitar by Chris Spedding.) It opens with the really strong track “Autobiography”, which (I think) doesn’t appear on any Cale studio album. It’s one of his strangest, since it really is a song all about just him (I dig the lines “My name is Cale/you can call me John” and “Don’t come from near/don’t come from west/I come from Wales”). I also found it interesting that “Mercenaries”, which appears on the live album “Sabotage” from ‘79, was in his repertoire as early as four years prior. This set also features a truly wretched cover of The Doors’ “Love Me Two Times”, but we’ll forgive him –

The third and final set is from German TV’s “Rockpalast” from ’84 — and my download of it here is unfortunately incomplete. Again, Cale starts it all off with “Autobiography”, and the funny thing is there’s ten years in-between this set and the previous one above — and yet, the two different performances of the song sound EXACTLY the same. Righteous! The one-two punch of this lead-off next to the song “Oh La La” make this set the best out of all three I’ve included here.

John Cale – En concert à l’Enfer [Live with Nico] (ZIP file)
John Cale – Stockholm, Sweden, 1975(ZIP file)
John Cale – “Rockpalast”, 1984 (ZIP file, incomplete set)

NOMEANSNO – live in Rome, Italy, 06.30.88

A truly great and unusual thing about this set is that their cover of Joy Division’s “Transmission” is virtually indistinguishable from any live recording of Joy Division doing it! Magic, on top of the already-awesome Nomeansno-ness to it.

Nomeansno – live in Rome, Italy, June 30th, 1988(ZIP file)

LITTLE RIVER BAND – live in Melbourne, Australia, 1983

It’s unusual for me to post something from a band like this, but with Little River Band, there’s a nostalgic appeal for me. LRB were an Australian band who managed to crack the tough outer shell of the American market in the ’70s with their particular brand of smooth blather; my father was a modest fan of theirs. The audio from this was taken from a bootleg DVD of a concert recorded for broadcast on HBO in ‘83, back when singer John Farnham (who at the time enjoyed a successful Aussie solo career) was recruited to front the band. When it first aired, my father taped it, and would drag it out often to rewatch it. I grew attached to this recording when I found the tape a few years ago lurking in a closet, and rewatched it myself. Their studio albums are mostly awful, but some of these live renditions are fun. Of note is the funky track simply called “D”.

When I originally posted this on Post-Punk Junk, a reader accused me in a comment post of having gone “yacht rock.” I guess now I’m double yacht.

Little River Band – live in Melbourne, AU, 1983 (ZIP file)

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  1. RPI says:

    That “Stockholm” bootleg is actually called ‘Down at the End of Lonely Street’ – it’s an ’84/’75/’85 compilation. See this site:

    Thanks for making these available.

  2. a little mouse says:

    the cale stuff is awesome, but the stockholm show is missing track 6, helen of troy

  3. RPI says:

    Oh, Concert l’Enfer is a taste of the Bataclan ’72 Reed/Cale/Nico concert plus some Nico and Cale rarities. See

  4. ben says:

    how ’bout posting lou reed’s 1978 double album ‘take no prisoners’, which is hilarious b/c about half of it is him insulting himself, the audience, and various celebrities. plus when he and the band focus on the music, it rocks.

  5. dave says:

    I have a nice audience recording (done by me) of John Cale from the Arch Street Empire in Philadelphia, PA 18 Mar 1989. I’ll share it if I can post a link. I’d rate it 7 or 8/10, not bad for the equipment used.

    Sony walkman with 1-point stereo mic > TypeII cassette > DAT > WAV > FLAC level 8

    77 minutes

    Recorded and tracked by dave decay

    1. Ship Of Fools
    2. Amsterdam
    3. Leaving It Up To You
    4. The Endless Plain Of Fortune
    5. Child’s Christmas In Wales
    6. Streets Of Laredo
    7. Antarctica Starts Here
    8. Style It Takes
    9. Where There’s A Will
    10. Darling I Need You
    11. Guts
    12. Heartbreak Hotel
    13. Chinese Envoy
    14. Thoughtless Kind
    15. Cable Hogue
    16. Dying On The Vine
    17. Paris 1919
    18. Fear Is A Man’s Best Friend
    19. I Keep A Close Watch

  6. suyin says:

    Hi Dave,

    I’d be really interested in your 1989 Cale audience recording. How about that link?

  7. Dave says:

    Here is the John Cale show, encoded to MP3.
    If you want lossless, I’ll put it up on zomb torrents.
    119.16 MB

  8. Wolfgang says:

    Thank you for the Cale-Files! Great! I just uploaded the missing second part of the “Rockpalast” from 1984. Enjoy! MP3, VBR 320 kbits/sec
    ( (63.41 MB))

    09 Caribbean Sunset
    10 The Hunt
    11 Fear
    12 Heartbreak Hotel
    13 Paris 1919
    14 Waiting For The Man
    15 Mercenary Ready For War
    16 Pablo Picasso
    17 Love me two Times
    18 Close Watch

  9. King Harry says:

    Hi Folks,
    I just wanted to tell you that I´ve uploaded some clips from the 33 & 84 Rockpalast gigs on YouTube. Just type ForARide into the search box and you can find them under my profile.

  10. isabel says:

    Thanks for all the stuff posted here.

    I have uploaded the missing track, Helen Of Troy, from the Spedding gig