Out of the post-punk revival from the beginning of this century, internist London-based Ikara Colt were one of the most interesting and energetic. Bloc Party, Interpol and the like are just snoozy (and lazy) compared to Ikara Colt’s flare-ups, but unfortunately, the band only lasted a handful of years before being snuffed.

This EP (released in America through Epitaph) was my introduction to the band, and while it is very Fall-like, I got the sense that they were excited at trying new things, instead of recycling just because it was the easiest thing to do. “Panic” is a furious stomper worthy of The Dead Boys”, and “May B 1 Day #2″ is a smart, tight electronic re-imagining of what otherwise is a fairly routine number.

The band’s official website has been taken offline, but a fairly intricate fansite still exists here.

Ikara Colt – “Basic Instructions” EP (ZIP file)

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  1. Rich says:

    ah nice one mate! I was listening to Chat & Business only this morning. A nice coincidence to round off the day i think. I never had the ep so i’ll give this a go tomorrow. Ta muchly

  2. Rich says:

    oh and they weren’t snuffed they quit. I remember them constantly telling journalists that all bands should pack it in after five years and low and behold after five years they did! Good on them :)

  3. johnsy says:

    I freaking love these guys, they were fantastic, I wonder what they are up to now.